A Fabulous Treat

It’s almost too good to be true.

The brain trust at the DNC has been sending out a very special survey to it’s loyal supporters.

Not only must you pay to send it back with a donation, but… get this… you’ve got to put your own stamp on it too.

Let’s just be clear about the nature of this particular honor.

In order to enjoy the enormous privilege of being invited to help the Democratic Party figure out which end is up, you have to pay a fee and then stop and buy a stamp.

That seems somewhat confusing to us.

It’s always been our experience that when one is requesting a favor, costs associated with the performance of said favor are paid for by the person doing the requesting.

Apparently, Chairman Tom Perez, was raised differently. Well, actually, that was pretty much a gimme, given that outrageous public potty mouth of his.

You can be sure that Scamper elders would not have been pleased with that kind of language, and on the world stage, no less.

We try not to judge but the age old question always comes to mind when we hear one of Mr. Perez’s profanity laden calls to arms.


Actually, the question that really comes to mind is far more colorful. We just avoid such language in a public venue.

See how that works, Tom?

It’s called a filter.

Foul mouthed Francis has the audacity to suggest that he’s the guy who’s looking out for our children. Well, thank you very much sir, but the children that we know are not allowed to frequent the sorts of places in which phrases like, “The republicans don’t give a sh*t about you” are proudly announced on a microphone. Just for the record, their parents tend not to take them to strip clubs either.

This boorish, vulgarian is the guy that the democrats intentionally chose to lead their party.   Maybe after the Hillary debacle he seemed like a good choice.

Who knows?

Astonishingly, this Perez person doesn’t appear to have the common sense that God gave a goose though.

Either he’s negligent or he’s an idiot.

Our money’s on option #2.

This is what Fabulous received in the mail.

Keep in mind that Fab is a registered republican.

The only conceivable reason for the DNC to target  him is that his marriage license bears the names of two men.

And the Democrats say that they aren’t judgmental.

The entire mailing is completely appalling.

These incompetent clowns are actually asking for the public to provide them with a satisfactory political message.

Better yet, they are charging for the honor of being ” invited” to help them out.

Wait a minute.

Elite members of society, with considerable power, charging a preselected group of citizens to do the work that they can’t be bothered with.


Why does that strike a familiar cord?

Who’s to say?

We’re off to catch our last glimpse of a century old monument before they destroy it for offending them.

Pay special attention to section lll. It’s a real doozy.


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