Angels and Demons – The Midweek Update

Las Vegas Shooting

This week has been a trying one. The country has been tested, yet again.

While America’s citizens have displayed their resilience and unwavering unity, a small contingent of publicity seekers and power mongers continue their efforts to divide.

Las Vegas

On Sunday night, in the midst of an open-air country music concert, an assassin took the lives of 58 people and sent in excess of 500 others to the hospital.

The venue was filled with ex-military, off duty police and throngs of first responders. It was also packed with average Americans who simply value life and each other.

At the end of the concert, as the last of the songs were being sung, machine gun fire rained down upon the crowd.

As of now, there are no clear answers as to the motivation of the killer.

He perched himself on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay casino resort. He was armed with 23 weapons and countless bullets.

His location was somewhere between 3 and 5 football field lengths from the concert arena.

Somehow, with no evidence of military or professional arms training, he managed to blow out 2 high impact windows, train his sights on the crowd and successfully commit mass murder.

Stephen Paddock was the ultimate demon.

Initially, much of the audience mistook the sounds of the gunfire for fireworks or some kind of pyrotechnic display. Only when bodies began to drop lifelessly, in pools of blood, did the bulk of the crowd catch on.

The delayed comprehension was entirely reasonable. Americans don’t expect to be mowed down by snipers.

Despite the shock and abject horror about what was taking place all around them, the majority of these people showed a strength of character and selflessness that we can all admire.

They rescued and protected each other. They carried the wounded on make shift gurneys and brought them to safety. Then they transported them to various hospitals in pickup trucks and cars.

They shielded each other with their own bodies and they attended to each other’s wounds.

Those with military and police experience ran toward the fire and directed others away.

The people with medical knowledge administered CPR and triaged the victims. Several fire fighters were even forced to pronounce the dead so that attention could be focused on those who might live.

Average citizens rose to the occasion. Scores of men appeared before cameras, shirtless and nearly naked. They had torn their clothing off to make tourniquets or shroud the faces of the deceased.

These brave men and women were our angels.

They live among us and they serve to show us who we are at our best.

In times of crisis, we expose our true nature. Americans are loyal and united. For all of the petty political division, we are a family.

Our honorable and brave members of the police department and armed services instinctively rushed toward danger in order to eliminate the threat. The audience was multicultural and multiracial.

Contrary to the contentions of some members of the divisive Democratic Party, at no point did any one of these men or women take pause to separate potential victims along racial lines.

Although it may shock members of the media and their DNC masters, there isn’t a single report of any person of color being served up as a sacrifice. Nor was anyone asked about religious or sexual preference prior to receiving aid.

Imagine that.

No one other than the judgmental and bitter critics on the left, enjoying a little snack on the sofa as they watched the horror unfold, saw color, race or separation. What they saw was blood and fear and they rallied.

Within a few short hours, the demons on the left rallied too.

The one time, oops, two timed failed presidential hopeful who you may remember as former president Bill Clinton’s wife, thought that a post tragedy early morning tweet might be a fun activity.

She who shall remain nameless tweeted that it was time to stand up to the NRA.

“Our grief isn’t enough. We can and must put politics aside and stand up to the NRA.

Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get.”

Well no wonder the precious little cumquat lost the election. That poor thing is terribly confused.

Silencers don’t quell the sound of automatic machine gun fire and the NRA is hardly pushing to shield mass murderers.

Such bumbling naïveté would almost be cute if that particular she-demon had no clout.

But she does.

The pink uterine hat brigade emerged in full force to follow her lead.

How’s that for an image?

You can skip the depo shot this quarter, honey. Daddy has a visual form of birth control.

Team D has been on a rampage. They want gun control and they want it now. They will, however, settle for impeachment.

What specific type of gun control laws would they like?

You just mind your business.

You can think of it like Obamacare. You’ll see it once they’ve passed it.

In order to make a proud statement about their commitment to gun control, the two fine house representatives from Massachusetts, Seth Moulton and Kathrine Clark decided to walk out of the moment of silence on the house floor which was intended to honor the Vegas victims.

Connecticut’s Chris Murphy has vowed to do the same.

Well, isn’t that a lovely gesture?

It’s no wonder that the less cerebral celebrity leftist minions have simplified it to F**k republicans and F**k the NRA.

Some have actually tweeted that since this whole episode revolved around a country music event, the loss of life and the devastating trauma are unworthy of note because anyone there must have been a republican/ Trump voter and deserved to die anyway.

So, here’s a question for the lefties.

If you listen to this song, do you writhe and consider it an ode to your superiority?


Yeah, we’re thinking you do.

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