Another day, Another Shameful Display.

Jeff Sessions testifies

The Sessions Hearing

Prepare yourselves, this is going to be a rough one. Both sides of the aisle are in serious need of one of those come to Jesus moments that no one ever wants to endure. Unfortunately however, today’s the day.

Would you like to hazard a guess as to who benefits the most from this Washington chaos?

Vladimir Putin.

That guy must be chuckling himself to sleep at night. He never needed to lift a finger to disrupt our democracy. We’ve taken care of that all on our own.

Better yet, he’s beginning to look like some kind of evil genius. Assuming that the “17” intelligence agencies were correct in their assertion that Russia interfered with our election, it didn’t matter. The stated conclusion was that the results were unaffected.

In reality, no one has been able to identify more than 3 agencies that made those claims. The other 14 were said to have signed on in support and just out of curiosity, can anyone who walks around belligerently referencing the significance of this 17 agency union name them all?


We have collectively elevated Vladimir Putin to mythical status. Apparently, he’s so clever and cunning that he has managed to corrupt a significant number of formerly loyal Americans with long standing histories of faithful service to this nation and pop them right into the most powerful positions within our government in order to do his bidding. Plus, he was able to pull it off without leaving so much as a trace of hard evidence.

Either that KGB has some awe inspiring trade craft or we’re being duped.

We’ve long said that the democrats are media masters. They love to characterize Trump supporters as a bunch of fools being taken in by a reality star but don’t think for a second that they didn’t incorporate an element of reality TV into their repertoire as soon as they recognized the draw.

It took them a while to figure out their game plan but they’ve got it down to a science now.

Soap operas were incredibly popular for years. Stay at home mothers rocketed shows like General Hospital into the cultural stratosphere. All my children made Susan Lucci a household name. Kelly Ripa got her start there too. Every girl we knew in middle school would race home after the last bell in order to see what Luke and Laura were up to. They were on the cover of every magazine and their daytime wedding rivaled Lady Di’s.

If there was an after school event, there would always be at least one cool mom who could be counted on to tape the ABC line up.

Soap operas have fallen out of fashion but their absence left a void. Dr. Phil and Oprah filled it for a while but younger viewers never really latched on to either one.

Some media guru working for the DNC must have been pining away after the Hillary loss and looking for that old time daytime tv comfort. Lord knows that none of the folks on her team were working after that debacle.

Voila! An idea was born.

Instead of soap operas, we’ll have hearings! It’s fresh. It’s new. It’s a way for the angry masses to channel their rage. Take that Mr. Reality Man!

And the people loved it.

We have been awash in daily drama since the election.

Today’s episode was the Sessions response.

But first the premise.

The DNC rather mysteriously refused to allow the FBI to secure their servers during the campaign. They were subsequently hacked.

Who, oh who, could they blame? Surely not themselves.

Ah ha! The Russians.

That’ll sell.

They warned voters to disregard the lurid emails, not because they were fake but because Vlad the bad had exposed them for his malevolent purposes. CNN even told viewers that downloading the purloined emails was a felony.


Then Hillary lost. Obviously, there had been foul play. She couldn’t have lost. Unless… it was the Russians.

The further they went, the more they believed. They tried to open with collusion.

The fans loved it at first.

The problem was that the plot had no meat. With nothing for viewers to sink their proverbial teeth into, they grew restless. Worse yet, those treacherous republicans tried to create their own spin off.

Unmasking and leaking – spies gone rogue.

That one actually started to gain some traction. Then the president threw the Dems an unexpected bone.

Plot twist!

Clark Kent, nee James Comey, was fired and it was brutal. The poor guy was embarrassed and unemployed. Naturally, this had something to do with the Russians.

The count down clocks began. Every cable news network advised viewers to grab the popcorn off the shelves before it disappeared. This was going to be a full blown media storm.

Finally, the big day arrived. All 6 foot, 8 inches of Comey the brave, sauntered onto the screen. For 2 hrs and 40 minutes, he cast his aspersions. The New York Times printed fake news. Loretta Lynch fixed the Clinton case and Donald Trump and his minions are all in Putin’s pocket.

Wait! Putin? Say no more. That’s our favorite story line. Did he say that the racist southern guy was in on it? We heard that he had a secret third meeting with the Russian ambassador… in public. How scandalous.

Top that Shonda Rhimes.

All of which brings us to today’s episode.

The feisty little confederate took center stage. The Dems were out for blood. They had every intention of walking away with his resignation in their mitts and an impeachment on the way. They sent in some of their most ruthless brawlers.

First there was Warner.

He’s been stricken with a permanent frown and a somewhat homely visage. He lacks the typical star power that the Dems like but he can pull off some vicious moves while posing as reasonable. He gets extra latitude because the Dems are correctly banking on the fact that no one wants to be accused of being insensitive to the unattractive guy. He was rude and surly. Every time Sessions attempted to answer one of his rapid fire questions, Warner would spin his hand in the air as if to say, move it along.

Angus King came out of the gate with fists a flying. The salty dog of the coast of Maine was getting some answers, damn it. He was still sore about being put off by those pretentious prats from the intelligence services last week. Imagine Coats and Rogers refusing to answer his questions because the information was classified. Dog gone panty wastes! Sessions wasn’t about to get away with that.

He huffed and he puffed but Sessions wouldn’t break. He was not going to detail his conversations with the president and he fought back any allegations of impropriety.

Sessions was resolved and commanding. He did nothing wrong and refused to play the fall guy. If he shook hands with the Russian ambassador at the Mayfair hotel during a crowded event, big deal. It wasn’t memorable and it wasn’t some clandestine meeting.

The Dems even pulled out their secret weapon.

Mata Hari aka Kamala Harris. She batted her eyes and tossed her hair. When she got nothing out of Sessions, she turned venomous. For the second time in a week, the chairman had to tell her to take it down a notch.

The democrats were entertaining all right but they’ve over played this hand. There is no evidence of collusion with Russia on the part of anyone currently on team Trump. There is also no evidence of obstruction of justice.

We understand that it’s summer and that senators are ready for another recess  but enough is enough.

While these daily dramas were initially entertaining, they’ve taken a disturbing turn. There is something terribly grim about a party of elected officials who live incredibly well off of tax payer dollars, frittering away day after day in some highly choreographed search for the big bad Russian connection while their constituents count on them to fix legitimate problems.

The democrats do it because they’ve experienced an unexpected trauma. Hillary’s loss left them out of power and they still can’t believe it.

They are stalling government and preventing any of the progress that they pretend to value. Annoying but hardly unexpected. The only power they wield is the manipulation of public opinion. Even if it earns them nothing other than a chance in 2018, they’ll take it over having to compromise with the enemy and the stupid voters who chose wrong need to see the error of their ways anyway.

The republicans are the spineless saps who are allowing this nonsense to continue. Boo hoo, Trump wasn’t your guy. Keep this stuff up and you can bow and scrape before the Dems for the foreseeable future.

It’s time to tell them. No more hearings. No more investigations. That’s it.

The reason that they’ll keep on winning is that the GOP is weakened because it’s divided. Either pull it together and lead or point the rest of us to the nearest safe space so we can acclimate to the new world order. If you go with option number two, at least do us the courtesy of taking down some actual culprits before you leave.

Loretta Lynch and the leakers could be the next summer blockbuster. Just please make sure to include that duplicitous Comey in a few episodes. He clearly set Sessions up for sport.

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