Beware of The Break Room.

Trump meets with military

Last week offered up an endless array of blustering boobs seeking out media attention.

Before you get caught up in an infuriating conversation with the office political pontificator, and there’s always one, you’ll need to be aware of the main talking points.

The events of last week set the Dems off on a series of dramatic diatribes. While there are always points to be made on either side, there has been a hyperbolic hysteria from the left leaning media that has rendered relatively rational liberals rabid, recently.

As a result, you are advised to approach them with caution and avoid sudden movements and loud noises.

They seem to be under the impression that the apocalypse is underway, although they would never phrase it that way due to the Judeo- Christian overtones that such a statement would imply.

In the wake of the Las Vegas slaughter, the left wasted no time before reverting to their ironically militaristic anti-gun stance.

The argument begins with the need to ban “bump stocks”.

Those are the supplemental items that when added to a semi-automatic rifle, render it nearly fully automatic. The Las Vegas killer had 12 of them in his room. Whether he actually used them or not remains the subject of some controversy, although it seems fairly obvious that he did.

Bump stocks were in fact, sanctioned by the Obama administration as an implement designed to aid those gun aficionados with physical disabilities.

In light of recent events however, they have become a catalyst to justify a new discussion about a massive restriction of the second amendment and in some cases eradication of the amendment altogether.

The merits of either argument about the gun control debate aside, the democrats were ghoulishly opportunistic in their timing.

Before the bodies had even been identified, Mrs. Clinton, still intent on imparting her pernicious influence, took to television interviews in order to exclaim that republicans were “complicit” in the deaths and injuries that occurred on that horrific night.

The officious leaders of the left immediately followed suit. Late night comedians, political pundits and even those who would identify themselves as apolitical reporters hopped onto the gun banning band wagon like the last hay ride on Halloween night.

And with that fright week began.

The calm before the storm

During a pre-dinner photo op with high ranking military leaders and their spouses, President Trump suggested that it might just be the calm before the storm.

As usual, rather than understanding that the president was utilizing his standard colorful rhetoric designed to create interest and probably anxiety in those who would oppose us, the media became hysterical.

What on earth does he mean? was suddenly the double jeopardy bonus question of the week.

Was he speaking of Iran?

Was he signaling to North Korea?

Is he unhinged?

Oh my God, is he about to start a nuclear war?

Of course, the most logical conclusion is that he was taking a bit of perverse pleasure in messing with a gaggle of goons that lack the sense that God gave a goose.

The press has been relentless in their criticism, mockery and disdain for this president. Is it really so astonishing that he would want to toy with them on occasion?

Sure, he made an off handed remark. It was the indiscriminate fools of the glory hunting press pool that turned it into a mysterious proclamation of great import. They love to cast aspersions on President Trump for his reckless language, yet they take no accountability for their even more reckless reporting.

When our relationship became strained with England over ill-advised preemptive commentary on a terrorist attack, the left blamed Trump. He had nothing to do with their publicity seeking, big mouths. He had to deal with the diplomatic fall out but the onus was really on them.

So he said, the calm before the storm, big deal. What does it mean? As he said, you’ll see.

We live in an age of cryptic tweets and obnoxious emojis. Let’s not act as if President Trump is the only one employing these new linguistic stylings. World leaders across the planet have taken to tweeting out policy and commentary.

As they say on some sports field, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Which brings us to that galling Colin Kaepernick.

Guess who’s promised to stand for the national anthem if someone in the NFL will give him a job. So much for his convictions.

Let that serve as a lesson to all of the other privileged squatters. Take a knee on your own time, people. You’re being paid to entertain the masses, not to preach. An overestimated sense of self-importance can prove dangerous. Just ask Icarus. For the bruisers who missed that one, substitute Icarus with Kanye.

The birth control mandate

On Friday, health and human services delivered another blow to the Obama legacy of overreaching executive orders.

No longer will employers with serious religious or moral objections to birth control be forced to pay for it. Ok, yes, it seems a bit antiquated but the separation of church and state does mean that those with religious beliefs cannot be forced to violate their faith by order of the state.

Just because Obama promised it, doesn’t make it so. He knew better. If you want to be angry about it, blame him. He knew perfectly well that the president lacked the authority to issue a decree that mandated either state or employer financing of both birth control and abortion.

He tried to pull a fast one. It was popular and it seemed politically savvy but as a constitutional law professor he knew damn well that it was beyond the scope of his authority. He was expecting that he would be succeeded by Hilary, who would never have challenged any one of his progressive moves.


The democrats had a majority in congress for quite some time. They could have tried to pass these kind of items into law. They didn’t bother because they knew they’d fail once the Supreme Court took a gander at their antics.

Obama must have been counting on the unspoken entitlement clause.

Once you give it to me, I’m entitled to it.

That may be working with Obamacare for now but don’t count on it to be a general rule of thumb.

The biggest news of last week is that the chickens have come home to roost. The democratic divas can squawk all day long but the rooster is a republican now.

Things in the DC hen house are about to change.

The sky’s not falling Chicken Little. It’s just a change of administration.

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