Broadway Comes To DC

Cats - The Scamper

Phantom Of The Opera

Starring Hillary Clinton

Hillary CLinton as the Phantom

The Book Of Mormon

Starring Mitt Romney


A Chorus Line

Led by Chuck Schumer

Co starring The Resisters


Into The Woods

Also starring Hillary Clinton



Originally starring, James Comey

Played briefly by Anthony Scaramucci

The producers are currently holding auditions

The call back list

Corey Booker

Adam Schiff

Nancy Pelosi

John McCain

Jeff Flake

Chuck Schumer

James Comey as Showboat

The Lion King

Oops. Sorry that show closed on January 20th




Coastal elites love the LGBT community and people addicted to opioids until, either election season ends or they show up on the upper east side.


The Wiz

This production has been shut down due to racial profiling



Yeah, a bunch of feral ones hanging out on the hill, posing as legislators.


Annie Get Your Gun

Only showing until the republicans on the hill let the Dems scrap the second amendment too. Buy your tickets soon.



Starring CNN.

Understudy- MSNBC


South Pacific 

Returning soon. They just need some time to stage the THAAD missile system



Don’t go. This one needs to be cleaned up.


Dream Girls

Starring Nancy Pelosi

Maxine Watters and

Elizabeth Warren

The movie version to star

Kamala Harris

Tulsi Gabbard

Kirstin Gillibrand

nancy pelosi, maxine walters, elizabeth warren

Avenue Q

Sorry, the theater went dark when Scaramucci was fired.


Mamma Mia

This one must be a real pip. Everyone on the hill is walking around mumbling the name of the show, constantly.


Beauty And The Beast

Ok, that was a gratuitous mention to throw a bone to the Dems.



Oh, please. That guy wouldn’t be caught dead in DC these days. You’ll have to go to New York.



A 60s revival starring Bernie  Sanders with Elizabeth Warren as the love child


Les Miserables

All of the Americans putting up with this nonsense

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