Cahoots, Snoots, and Pains in Our Patoot

Hillary and Roy moore

These are such a bunch of winners that we’ll just skip the usual preamble and get right to it.

Be advised. We’re in a mood.

Yeah, yeah…again.

Roy Moore is trying to sell the notion that all of DC is working in cahoots to derail his campaign.

Um, ok. Would anyone be under the impression that the democrats and republicans are capable of performing any cooperative function these days?


If Moore wants to sell the public a bag full of feces marked miracle grow, he’d better decorate the bag.

Honestly, the audacity.

Hill’s been hitting the hot sauce.

Madame Secretary seems to be under the impression that questioning the legitimacy of the election is only horrifying if she is the winner. She actually said that she doubts that President Trump was legitimately elected. My goodness lady! Hypocrisy hurts. Maybe that’s why her Botox is failing her. Just a theory.

This one is particularly choice. That member of the brain trust made famous for having performed in a sex tape, Paris Hilton, would like the world to know something.

She invented the selfie. And that is exactly why some cultures used to leave girl babies on mountain tops to die. She gives us all a bad name.

Have we never mentioned that we can’t tolerate stupidity?

The guy with balls.

Oh, excuse our slip. We meant to say Mr. Ball, the China bandit’s father.

LaVar must have been trolling for free press.

He seriously offered his public statement that it was no big whoop that the United States president intervened with president Xi to return sticky fingers 1, 2 and 3 back to U.S. soil. Since LaVar ( no kidding, there’s a capital V in there and you can bet your bouncy bottom that it doesn’t stand for virtuous)  apparently lives in the bad lands, he claims that shoplifting is no big deal compared to the usual neighborhood criminal fare.

How nice.

How about this pal? Your older son has been signed to some NBA team ( we’d have googled it but we really don’t care) and he’s making a mint. Number 2 son, aka Clepto Clancy is scheduled to be on the same track. Move your hiner shiner out of the hood and teach your kids that stealing is wrong.

Do these people try to induce pounding headaches?

Before you even start with the rude comments about racism, keep it in check. That was a remark about scurrilous jack asses. They come in every color and ethnicity . It wasn’t a racist statement.

Charles Manson just died

Well hallelujah! That took long enough. Enjoy the heat down under buster.

On a note of an entirely different tone, 2 agents of the border patrol were viciously attacked on Sunday.

Agent Rogelio Martinez was stoned to death by a group of unrepentant heathens trying to skitter across the border. His partner remains in the hospital.

Once again, if you feel the temptation to reprimand us for our intolerance, take it down a notch. Immigration can be a wonderful asset to this country. Slithering across the border illegally is unacceptable behavior. Stoning an officer of the law to death and grievously injuring his partner, makes you a loathsome beast unworthy of any respect whatsoever. So, yes, they are heathens.

We are at a loss for the right words to express our sorrow for the death of agent Martinez and the devastating injuries to his partner.

We can only pray for them and those who love them.

Build the damned wall already.

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