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The classics are great but sometimes you need something different.

These are some of our favorites that you might want to try for a change of pace.

The Great Christmas Light Fight

the great christmas flightThis treasure of a show just wrapped up its fourth season. Who knew? How we’ve missed this little slice of goodness remains a mystery. We were flipping through the guide a couple of nights ago and it caught our eye. Our expectations weren’t particularly high. We couldn’t have been more surprised. It’s great.

Each episode showcases 4 of the most elaborate Christmas light displays ever seen. Individual families compete for a $50,000 prize and a hideous trophy that they all covet. The stories that accompany each family’s light show are a tad too precious for our taste but we got over it quickly. These people put together the most amazing and creative light displays with an inspiring, yet somewhat peculiar level of devotion. We kind of loved them all.  Even Scrooge would enjoy this show. It’s available on demand and just for the record, once we watched the first one, we watched 3 more that night. It’s addictive.

Madea’s Christmas


Oh that Madea! She’s just as sassy as ever in this one. If you’ve never seen a Madea movie, you’re in for a treat. Tyler Perry is both funny and insightful. Madea’s Christmas is a feel good movie that isn’t so sweet that you’ll get a toothache. You could get a stomach ache though. You’ll laugh so hard it hurts.


Die Hard

If you haven’t seen it, you should. This is the best of the series. Bruce Willis is outstanding as a grouchy cop trying to thwart a terror attack. It’s a fast paced action adventure with a healthy dose of humor.


This one isn’t actually one of our favorites but Fabulous couldn’t have loved it more. It’s based on the German fairytale of Santa’s rival, Krampus. He visits the naughty children. It’s a little scary and frequently funny. It’s not a full blown horror movie but it’s not for young children. If you’re looking for something different or if you’re sporting an anti-Christmas attitude this year, you’ll thoroughly enjoy Krampus.


gremlinsThis isn’t really a classic but it should be. It’s terrific any time of year. Gremlins are the cutest pets in the world… just as long as you follow the handling instructions. Exposing them to bright light or water is bad. Feeding them after midnight is a disaster. This movie is both fun and funny. It’s also unique. It’s an ideal family film for after the holiday dinner. Just be advised that it might be too scary for the 8 and under set.

Have a wonderful holiday and happy viewing!

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