A Crucial Warning from the CDC (Center for Disease Control)

The Current Outbreak of Noxious News Has Taken over Washington, D.C.

Seek Shelter.

(If you’ve never heard that shrill siren, it’s one of our faves. One time, a seek shelter warning came across everyone’s phone while we were in the spa. We managed to locate a bathtub. Because everybody knows, when you’re advised to seek shelter, you find yourself a tub. Much like the cheese, we stood alone. Everyone else was more concerned with letting their nails dry than surviving the storm. Imagine that.)

Back to business.

Please be advised to stand at least 5 ft away from any politician or member of the media at all times. The vast majority of them have become rabid with ATF, or in laymen’s terms, Anti Trump Fever, and their saliva may prove toxic. As they frequently exhibit a propensity to spit as they speak, it’s best to stand back.

The men and women who so dutifully fought for your votes, advertising integrity and constitutional verve, on the campaign trail, have officially lost their minds.

Medical logs

Contamination date 11/8/16

Election Day

At first blush, the democrats simply exhibited signs of routine disappointment. Shortly thereafter, many displayed the characteristics of fever induced delirium. (aka,  An acute state of confusion)

It wasn’t only democrats who suffered. Plenty of republicans took ill as well.

It would seem that all of these poor creatures believed that they had earned the right to anoint the next ruler of the United States of America.

Oh, they had plans.

The two factions expected to duke it out privately.

Since they usually take turns, they all understood that it was GOP time. A Bush, maybe a Rubio, even a Kasich would have been okay. But, no, the people picked a Trump and they were all horrified.

So it began.


A mass outbreak of cognitive dissonance.

The act of swearing in President Trump was so displeasing to them and in such contradiction to their notion of presumed control of the new global agenda, that they became susceptible to acute mental illness.

They couldn’t accept a reality that so completely violated their world view.

The vast majority of them poured into either the streets to protest or the safe spaces to cry.


The disease had metastasized.

The “resistance”, as the infected ones like to call themselves, had been concocting a series of convoluted plots to overthrow the duly elected president.

They screamed about tax returns.

They howled about sexual inequality.

They even complained that he was too crass, which was especially good coming from a crowd of politicians.

They may pretend to be filled with sweetness and light before the cameras but it’s all a show. Behind the scenes, their mouths are dirtier than any trench in Kandahar.

They were determined to take Trump down. It was almost as if they couldn’t find any way to cope with a world in which Trump was president.

They had determined that anyone who had voted for him was utter scum. Therefore, their votes didn’t count, nor for that matter, did they.

Psychosis took over.

Despite the complete lack of evidence of any sort, a grand jury was impaneled.

The infected ones believed that their transparent attempts to overthrow a democratic election could be justified.

Obviously, that is an absurdity.

If more than half of America was so easily beguiled by this new guy, the last guy must have done something seriously wrong. Blaming the change on racism and bigotry isn’t such a seller.

The inability to recognize that segregation under the guise of relating to each group individually, is just the same game with a different name. It’s clearly a sign of mental defect, most frequently identified as prejudice.

However, they persevere.

Sane members of a democracy would have referred to this as an attempt at a coup d’état.

As of the evening of 8/3/17, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was so overcome with ATF that he had trouble enunciating his words.

The poor fellow was disoriented to such a degree that he addressed the investigation as if he were a virgin placing his first ad on Grindr. (If you didn’t catch that one, google it. It was a choice reference)

Mueller …” seized on Trump and his financial ties to Russia as one of the most fertile avenues for moving their probe forward”

Where was the X rating on that one, hun?

The reality seems to be that the actual targets of this politically contrived investigation are Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn.

While that may tarnish the integrity of the entire Trump campaign in the minds of the infected, it’s far from either logical or conclusive.

  1. Paul Manafort has worked on many a campaign and absolutely no one has ever considered him to be lilly white. (again, for the delicate Delila’s, it’s just an expression not a racial slur. )
  2. Michael Flynn turned out to be a loose cannon. As for Obama paternally advising Trump that hiring him might not be in the best interest of the presidency, HORSE PUCKY!

Neither Obama nor Hillary, nor anyone on either of their staffs ever offered a helpful word of advice to the current president.

They have been completely devoting themselves to destroying this presidency.

It’s sick and it’s foul and it’s absolutely Un-American.

What exactly makes democrats feel entitled to launch a nonstop assault against the sitting president?

Immigration disputes?

Come to the table and talk… reasonably.


If your main objective is canonizing the first black president, let it go. The plan doesn’t work. It’s an utter failure.

Love him or hate him, that guy is as clever as they come. Republicans will never be able to wriggle free of the Obama entitlements.

Smart democrats would take the win and try to cooperate for a few years.

Republicans with a lick of sense would thank their lucky stars that, inexplicable as it may be, America gave the whole kit and caboodle to the GOP.

They’ve  been given their shot.

They blew it on healthcare. Okay, tough one.

They’re quibbling about tax reform already.

That one should be easy.

Yes, there’s division within the party. There always is.

But as our wise grandmother used to say, don’t be a jack ass.

Settle on something!

Bush is not coming back.

You can’t just switch Pence in like the pinch hitter, much as we all know you guys in the freedom party would love that.

Keep this psychotic folly up. No wonder Kim Jong Un is so emboldened lately. He’s feeling like the sanest one in the nut house.

Good job folks.

Do the rest of the country a favor now.

Recognize that you took leave of your senses for whatever reason and let the president set about the work he was elected to do.

The reality of the situation is that President Trump can be obnoxious and off putting and yes, it’s a safe bet that he’s never won the Mr. Cordiality sash.

Who cares?

Pull yourselves together and act like Americans.

If you can’t respect the rightfully elected president, go home. Get out of politics.

We have major issues to deal with and this belligerent foot stomping is the behavior of either children or the mentally ill.

The main concern of the CDC isn’t that you morons will die of stupidity, it’s that your stupidity will kill the rest of us.

People are actually starting to believe this collusion gibberish and it’s not right. These nonstop accusations and allegations are making the country crazy.

This leaking is a pile of dung and you know it.

It’s nothing more than an ad campaign designed by some high priced clown like Donnie Deutsch.

Duping the public when you’re selling a product is shady. Deceiving the public when you’re in the political biz is criminal.

The truth is that you probably won’t catch a disease from any of these disreputable scoundrels but you could catch a charge. We’d all like that.


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