Disturbing Democratic Delight

tom perez

In yet another shameful display, Dems are dancing in the streets.

They made a clean sweep in both New Jersey and Virginia last night and they are just as proud as a pack of peaches.

Most offensively, Mika and Joe indulged themselves in a Hillary campaign styled happy dance. Just trust us, it was nauseating.

The very same people who have been holed up in their safe spaces for the past year, resisting and persisting, have taken to shimmying and boasting. There’s a name for that. Demonic Democrat debauchery.

Let’s not get carried away, people.

Christy had a boatload of bad baggage. Putting his lieutenant governor up as his replacement probably wasn’t the best decision.

Additionally, New Jersey is a traditionally blue state. The election of a democrat isn’t a big shocker.

Virginia, on the other hand is more problematic. Gillespie made the mistake of playing coy with the president. He did the petal pull for months on end. I love him, I love him not. He finally came to the conclusion that he’d be best advised to go with the I love him regime in the last few days of the campaign. Too little, too late Saucy Susan. It cost him the election. Had he aligned himself with the president sooner, he might have won.

Worse yet, those Bernie beasts were so upset that Northam, who did win, wasn’t liberal enough that they started screaming “sanctuary for all” and apparently did something so threatening that the secret service spirited the governor elect away mid acceptance speech.
Most appalling of all is the fact that Northam won after campaigning on the idea that Trump and his supporters like to mow down children of color with pickup trucks.

Just what in the dickens is that?

Virginia was expected to go blue but that republicans want to kill kids nastiness made the race extremely close. People don’t generally care for commercials designed to appeal to nit wits and hatred.

This kind of campaign tactic is utterly revolting. Is this the sort of thing that we can look forward to in 2018?

If so, we strenuously object.
We’ve been tolerant of the vile shuddering with faux fear over the presidential election. We’ve regarded the crayons and puppy petting facilities as an absurdity. We’ve been longing to quote Grandma Scamper on a loud speaker.

“Quit your crying or I’ll give you something to cry about”

That woman was a pip.
None the less, we’ve treated our left leaning liberal compatriots with dignity and respect. All of a sudden, they win a couple of sure thing elections and they start taunting republicans?

Well so much for their insincere rhetoric about unity. They obviously spoke without any integrity as they’ve whined incessantly about coming together as a nation and respecting each other.
Tom Perez, who is an absolute disgrace, who just for the record is too inept to raise a plug nickel for the party, was gloating and floating from channel to channel this morning. His demeanor is irritating enough without the chipper enthusiasm of a looser made good. The poorly maintained dental work, however, is too much to bare as he treats himself to a horrific toothy grin of satisfaction because they won a couple of expected gubernatorial races. Honestly, that unsightly rogue gave us an ocular migraine.
We have always maintained a neutral stance on all things political. We go for substance not party.  Each side has some great ideas to offer. If they could work together, we could get the country back on track.

This intolerable, childish, repugnant behavior on the part of democrats is making that very hard to do.

Shape up Shippies!

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