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The Essential Q&A – Part 2

Steve Bannon

Q: What outlandish statement has Maxine made now?

In perhaps the most enjoyable news segment of the day on Monday, Tucker Carlson quoted the delicate California flower, Maxine Waters, referencing HUD secretary Ben Carson.

Not only does she plan to ” tear his a** up”, but she regards him as a ” white-wing nationalist”

That wasn’t even the best part. Watching black activist and NYC council member, Jumaane Williams’ obvious physical discomfort as he struggled to refrain from using the phrase that he so clearly wanted to scream out was the highlight of the show.

What was that taboo expression that he needed to avoid?

Uncle Tom.

In the midst of all of the current racial tension, listening to two black leaders bash Carson for being too white was the epitome of team D insanity.

If it weren’t so disturbing, watching the democrats justify their own racism would have been awfully satisfying.


Q: What was that fun filled flotation device that washed ashore on a Spanish beach a week before the deadly attack in Barcelona?

Why it was a raft full of refugees, of course.

What else would it be?  Once they hit the sand, the passengers scattered for parts unknown.

The 12 assailants who executed the terrorist event in Barcelona were not among them. They were all Spanish / Moroccan citizens who grew up together in Cambrils, where they fashioned the bomb making facility that blew up prior to the attack.

Apparently, they were under the influence of an imam from a local mosque, known to have ties to terrorist organizations.

They had also traveled to Morocco recently for lessons in radicalization.

15 people were killed and more than 120 were injured in the assault.

The event was horrific and while these particular murderers did not float into Spain on a raft, the next group might. The Spanish authorities may want to tighten up their points of entry.

As an aside, Jean Raspail wrote a novel in 1973 about a situation much like the one that Europe is currently experiencing. It’s called The Camp Of The Saints. The beach described in the novel is located in France as opposed to Spain but the similarities are striking. If you’re a fan of open boarders, you might want to give it a read.


Q: What was that folksy phrase that the members of the Iranian parliament were chanting last week?

It wasn’t thanks for the great deal Obama. That’s for sure.

It was actually Death to America. It’s catchy, right?

Now that they are so cash rich, it seems as though our Persian friends are feeling the need for a spending spree, to the tune of $500 million.

You may be thinking to yourself, that sounds rather extravagant. Well, yes it does but missile programs don’t come cheap, my friend. Especially if you’re counting on North Korea to lend a hand with the nuclear tips.

CNN and MSNBC don’t like to talk about that though.

They have much more to say about Russia and racism and they’d prefer to prioritize.


Q: Are all presidential pardons equal?

Not in the minds of democrats. President Obama pardoned Chelsea Manning, for example.

Manning was convicted of espionage in 2013 for leaking both military and diplomatic documents. Given her transgender status, democrats applauded the pardon as a beautifully benevolent gesture offered by a president who should probably be immediately canonized upon death.

On Tuesday, president Trump will fly to Arizona to speak at a rally. There is some expectation that he will issue a pardon of his own at that time.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was recently convicted of violating a court order. The undoubtedly liberally biased judge, ordered him not to “profile” Latin drivers by asking for proof of citizenship. Further, he had been ordered not to cooperate with ICE or federal law by holding illegal immigrants.

Naturally, the left is outraged. Their minions from Antifa, in addition to other well-funded protest groups, are planning to show up and make their anger known.

Asking for proof of citizenship is being called ‘a hateful act of racism’ and any effort to pardon the ‘white supremacist sheriff’ is viewed as a ‘dog whistle’ to neo Nazis and the KKK.

The mayor of Phoenix, Greg Stanton, has asked the president of the United States to take a pass on visiting the area. He feels that it could be racially divisive.

Maybe the better question is, where do these Dems get their chutzpah?


Q: Which one of those sage democrats offered this piece of advice to heal the nation?

” If you want to vote for a racist, you better vote republican”

That precious jewel came straight from the lips of one time presidential contender and recent hopeful for the title, chairman of the DNC, Howard Dean.

What a proud moment for the party.


Q: When did a group of 100-year-old statues become so terribly distressing?

About the same time that Nancy Pelosi and friends realized that they had nothing of substance to run on.

The better deal plan didn’t take hold the way that they had hoped for so they opted for plan B.

Stirring the contents of the solid waste commode. Nothing beats accusations of racial oppression when you’re looking to cause a commotion.

Mount Rushmore is now in peril.

The Jefferson memorial will soon receive a makeover to include a side note about it’s namesake’s evil ways and Christopher Columbus’s memorial was vandalized last night because he discovered this nation of bigots.

No kidding. That is really why. Only, the marauders and their defenders were far more verbose about it.


Q: Is the majority of the American public as consumed with the issue of statues as the media would lead us to believe?

No siree.

In a survey released on Monday, 62% of voters think the statues and memorials should remain as they are.

Charles Barkley gave interviews on Monday during which he offered a novel perspective.

He said that he had never given any of these statues a moment’s thought and that he believes that most black people are far more concerned about education and economic opportunity.

Imagine that.


Q: Is the recent departure of Steve Bannon cause for fear, as so many have suggested?


He’s not suddenly omnipotent. If he does start a news network to rival Fox it would be great. Competition results in better products.

He was a leaker who didn’t fit in with the culture of the White House. He left on amicable terms and says that he wants to support the president’s agenda.

If you can shake the Stockholm syndrome that the Dems have provided you with for the last 8 years, you might just find that there’s plenty of the president’s agenda that you like.


Q: Is North Korea going to attack Guam due to the military exercises with South Korea?

Highly improbable. He’ll make a fuss and blow some hot air but he understands that an attack on Guam would be suicidal. Lil Kim does not have a death wish. He may launch a test missile or two but the consensus is that they will be totally innocuous.


Q: What in the world is going on with our naval fleet?

Over the weekend, the USS John S McCain became the 4th ship to be rammed by another vessel this year. 5 crew members were injured, 4 of whom were air lifted to a hospital. 10 remain missing.

A fleet wide investigation has been ordered and a 24 hr, worldwide, operational pause has been ordered.

There has been speculation that training has been lacking. There has also been commentary about the overcrowding in that Pacific region.

Something doesn’t smell quite right though. All of the ships have sustained the same damage and the number of incidents is very strange.

Each ship has been ripped open at an oddly low spot.

Scamper has a good nose and we are definitely starting to get a whiff of deception.

We’ll see what the stated explanation is sometime within the next few weeks but if they try to sell this as a series of random accidents, we won’t be buying.

We value our service men and women greatly and we expect some straight answers ASAP.


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