Fire and Fury

Trump & Un

Oh, there’s about to be some fury, alright.

Scamper style.

The leftist loons of the media had better be mighty glad that we don’t have one of those Game of Thrones dragons or we’d fire the whole lot of them…Targaryen style.

Their disdain for the president has descended to new lows.

On Tuesday, two shocking news stories broke. One was covered in such a way as to intentionally insight panic. The other was barely covered at all.

North Korea

That bastion of truth and reliable reporting, the Washington Post, pumped out a sordid tale mid-morning that took up the bulk of the news cycle for the rest of the day.

Their secret sources tell them that North Korea has already developed the ability to miniaturize nuclear warheads to fit onto the tip of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

The implication of which is that we are now at immediate risk of nuclear attack at the hands of Kim Jong Un.

That information has yet to be substantiated and even if it were, why did the Washington Post feel that it would be a good idea to undermine national security efforts by blind siding the administration with their sensationalistic journalism?

There is no indication that the threat is immediate. Various intelligence agencies dispute the claim. Even if that one element were true, there is no evidence to suggest that they have the capacity to successfully to deliver such a payload.

The initial reaction from democrats on CNN was, well, we certainly hope that this doesn’t become something that they blame us for. Fine, these weapons were built up over the last 8 years but this is a time to come together. It’s a crisis.

Well, well, well.

Last week, healthcare was a crisis but they were throwing republicans under the bus faster than you could say sore throat.

They pulled themselves together quickly.

Soon it became all about president Trump’s reckless style, dangerous language and lack of world knowledge.

Ambassador Haley’s successes at imposing unanimous sanctions, which were applauded yesterday, were mocked as the meaningless actions of ignorant children with zero comprehension of the politics of Asia.

They drove the level of hysteria up incrementally, knowing that the president had a scheduled press conference on the opioid crisis in the afternoon. They couldn’t wait.

As if to provoke an aggressive response, they began to run the quote from Lil’ Kim more and more frequently throughout each hour.

In reaction to the sanctions, Un vowed, a “thousand-fold” revenge.

By mid afternoon, Trump had been baited enough. He said, ” North Korea best not make any more threats to the US. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen”

Good for him.

That beats the dickens out of ” knock it off”.

Oh wait, isn’t that exactly what the anointed one told the Russians about meddling in our elections?

The left went wild.

They called it a threat of nuclear war.

They furrowed their botoxed brows, which must have been tough, and accused him of saber rattling.

They said that the language of the American president had become indistinguishable from that of Kim Jong Un, himself.

It was unprecedented. (we just can’t get enough of that expression)

Never before, in all of American history has the president spoken in such a way.

Yeah, we didn’t even bother with the prolonged google search to find a similar remark, but you know it’s out there.

Then the earth quaked. Reuters reported that North Korea was considering bombing Guam in retaliation for Trump’s irreverent tongue.

The press absolutely lost their minds. Naturally, democratic senators and congressmen immediately wiped the beach sand off of their phones to call in and express their deepest concerns. (Which by the way, they will all be happy to address come September first when they are back in office)

For now they would like the administration to entertain Un with some coffee talk.

Interestingly, only one person, who happens to be an expert on North Korea (Michael Malice), noticed that the Guam threat didn’t come directly from North Korea. It was reported by South Korea which has the reliability of CNN.

Here’s the bottom line.

If the US really felt that Guam was in immediate jeopardy, they would have evacuated all non-essential personnel.

We have a tremendous team of experienced and knowledgeable military commanders working hand in hand with the president.

This situation will be contained.

It may get a little hairy and the language may get rough but Lil’ Kim is not taking America down.

Those shameless democrats

Remember that infamous tarmac meeting? You know, the one in which Bill and Loretta talked about golf and the grandkids?

Well, it looks as if there was a lot more involved.

All kinds of people have been trying to get their hot little hands on the, over 100 pages, of notes and talking points for the press regarding the incident.

They had a very hard time though because they were looking under the wrong name.

Those Silly Billys looked for records from Loretta Lynch. They should have searched under her stage name, Elizabeth Carlisle. Then they would have found everything, highly redacted, of course.

Oh, don’t be cross with Lizzy. She wasn’t the only one. Eric Holder wasn’t much of a fan of accountability either. He had four pseudonyms.

This story is just fleshing out. We’ll have more in the days to come.

As for now… quit fretting and go to work!

We’ll report back later.

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