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In a town ripe with stories that stink, the Washington Post and the New York Times have been chumming the banks of the Potomac with some particularly odiferous taste treats for the sharks in the media and there’s been a feeding frenzy.

The Tale of Trump Jr… the Saga Continues

As if presenting viewers with a daily diet of caviar, the fishwives of the press are serving up a Caspian Sea sturgeon that is weeks old.

Here’s what they’re trying to float this time.

While aboard Air Force 1, following the G20 summit, in which the president engaged in that nefarious, super-secret meeting with Putin, at a banquet, he dictated a lie for his son to tell re the adoption meeting.

Improbable, but let’s assume that he heard that the meeting had been leaked. One would think that someone would have alerted him to the inevitable circling of the sharks.

It’s a safe bet that he blew up like a puffer fish.


He probably got Jr. on the phone and filleted him.

The last thing that this president needs is another Russian story bubbling up to the surface.

The press is trying to instigate further and more wide reaching investigations now. This must surely be the proof they needed. They’ll know for certain once the phone records appear. If the president called his son from the plane, it’ll be time to whip out their favorite sea shanty once again.

The siren song of impeachment. That folksy tune never grows old. We love it most when the liberal members of congress gather together to sing it in the round.

Another Red Herring

The folks on Morning Joe were seizing during today’s episode.  At one point, Mika looked as if she had descended into full blown rigor mortis. Then her mouth did the silent open and shut routine for a minute or two and we knew she was ok.

It all went back to Seth Rich. He was the young intern murdered in DC right before the convention.

Rumors have been circulating for months that the botched robbery was actually a hit. The circumstances were quite strange and there was wide spread speculation that he was the source of the DNC leaks.

The investigation is ongoing.

Enter the moray eel, Rod Wheeler.

Moray eel

Wheeler has been desperately trying to procure a permanent nesting spot on Fox News. He was a paid contributor, compensated per appearance, but he wanted more. He breathlessly brought the story to Fox. He also agreed to work as a private investigator on the case in the hope that  his inside track would land him a home on the network.

It didn’t.

After drumming up the ” juicy” nature of this ” blockbuster” ” bombshell”, with tremendous glee, the generally Joyless Reid, was full of spunk.

It seems as if Mr. Wheeler is now suing Fox News. He’s accusing them of colluding with the White House to bring up this preposterous tale as a diversion from the Russia talk. He claims that they misquoted him and damaged his credibility.

She then played a diabolically damning version of an edited clip from Hannity. From her version, one might reasonably conclude that poor plaintiff Wheeler was being bullied into presenting fake news.

Not the case.

He said that he had never seen Seth Rich’s computer and therefore couldn’t definitively attest to it’s contents. She cut the clip there.

Too bad. We happened to be watching that episode with a school of angelfish and we knew what would happen next.


Rod Wheeler told Hannity that the police had been mysteriously instructed to drop the case and not release his computer.

The law suit claims that Fox News had been asked by the White House to exaggerate the story.

Somebody’s doing some catfishing.

Mika and Joe presented this tawdry tale as a “disgusting” affront to the family. They were appalled that the family was being subjected to the nightmare of the insensitive attempts to exploit their son’s murder. They pleaded with those vile bottom feeders at Fox to have some decency.

Then they discussed the story for another 10 minutes.

Are these two stories true?

Maybe in part. The best fish stories tend to start with a guy who actually caught something but with these characters, they could only have gone to a pool with a pole.

Time will tell but until it does, try to avoid swallowing any hooks.

There’s a red tide out these days and you’ll have to avoid parasites.

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