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The Friday Night News Dump

Donald Trump & Hurrican Harvey

Those D.C. devils are full of tricks but one of their all-time favorites is the Friday night news dump

The media would have you believe that this trend was created by Dastardly Donald. Quite to the contrary, the release of controversial political items in the midst of weekend distraction, is an age-old tradition.

Barack Obama, as you may recall, solidified his deal with Castro while the rest of the world focused on the carnage at the Brussels airport.

Hillary managed to slip her infamous FBI interview in between the barbecue and the fireworks on Fourth of July day weekend.

This Friday brought us Hurricane Harvey with the threat of devastating damage.

Thankfully, as of mid-day Saturday, Harvey had been downgraded to a tropical storm. While there has been some significant damage, at this moment there has been no reported loss of life.

The media took great pains to mark this occasion as the president’s first national disaster test. Much like that cranky, head nun at catholic school, they had their eye on him and any slip up of even the most insignificant nature, would land him in press land purgatory.

Throughout the day, the president tweeted a series of hopeful and comforting messages to the residents of Texas.

The press corps reluctantly acknowledged that late in the day.

As he boarded Marine One, bound for Camp David with his son and grandchildren, he waved and offered his good wishes to all those in the path of Harvey.

Several senators, hoping to present themselves as sage advisors, sent out public tweets to the president warning him not to fall prey to the mistakes of Hurricane Katrina.

That, by the way, was actually one of those infamous dog whistles that we always hear tale of. The level of fear and panic was intentionally being ratcheted up. It was later added to by reports of a local mayor telling those belligerent citizens who refused to evacuate to grab a sharpie and write their names and social security numbers on their arms so that their bodies could be identified.

Anyone who paid any attention during last year’s Hurricane Mathew ordeal, had heard those lines before.

Nothing perks up a poorly rated congress and press more than a natural disaster.

They’ve got dramatic camera footage.

They can present themselves as societal lifeguards as they warn the public of impending doom.

And best of all, they get to practice emoting empathy and concern for their future acting careers.

If you think that sounds callus, please explain the collective gasp of pleasure from on air News personalities, nationwide at precisely 8:03 pm.

Dump # 1 – That was exactly when the presidential pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio was released.

Low and behold, at that very moment, Hurricane Harvey was no longer riding shot gun.

That little fella got popped into the back seat PDQ, to be dealt with at a more convenient time.

President Trump had just set another racial fire.

The left acted as if they had busted the boys bunk on a camp style panty raid at the afore mentioned catholic school’s prayer retreat.

There was horror. There was screaming on CNN. On MSNBC, they went for stupefied disbelief.

Once again, their antics amused us.

The president made no secret of his plans to issue a pardon to Sheriff Joe. It wasn’t a shocker and it wasn’t a racist hat tip to white supremacists everywhere.

The prosecution was clearly politically motivated.

The Obama administration announced it exactly one day before the election. Maybe Hispanic voters should be offended by that.

Democrats seemed to be under the impression that if they threw the Spanish speaking community an 85-year-old bone, they’d all fall in line for Hillary out of gratitude.

They must have forgotten that Hispanic citizens who came to this nation legally don’t appreciate line jumpers any more than their Anglo counterparts.

They also forgot that the more disenfranchised members of society who have become familiar with the penal system know that denying the accused a jury trial is an infringement of his due process rights.

That case would have been overturned on appeal.

Dump #2 – Sebastian Gorka no longer works at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Did he resign? Was he fired? What exactly was his role?

All good questions.

We’ll have to wait until Monday for answers.

Dump #3 – The military transgender ban.

Yep. It’s a wrap. No more transgender applicants will be eligible for enlistment.

This one has an edge to it.

The details have yet to be addressed but the gist of it seems to be that it specifically applies to pre- op people looking to make a gender change on the government account.

Before Antifa sets local recruiting offices aflame, we should probably hear the specifics.


Those three were the primary causes of hyperventilation for the main stream media.

Other stories bothered them less.


The ACLU was called to task for posting this sweet picture.

news dump

Yes, apparently, that is racist.

They have, thankfully, been appropriately shamed and have since hired Kermit The Frog to be the spokesanimal for global acceptance.

How very green.

We’ve also been admonished by the UN for our racial discord.

It’s a good thing too.

In the past ten years only 5 other nations have warranted such rebuke. We had better get ourselves in check ASAP.

Those nations are…




Ivory Coast and


Well, that seems like an appropriate list for us be included in.

Thanks liberals.

Fortunately, since Hillary lost, we aren’t rated higher up on that list. Imagine if those guys knew about all of those donations to the Clinton Foundation from nations with no civil rights and mandatory death penalties for homosexual citizens or God forbid, women who dare to read.

Yeah, it’s clear why the left isn’t too upset. In a global world, we are now monsters.

In keeping with that mindset, liberals are demanding that Dolly Parton immediately shut down her country review diner.

She’s maintained her popular dinner theater diner for years. One of the shows has a civil war theme but that soul on the cusp of hellfire named Dolly, didn’t even have the decency to take the time to offer a solemn soliloquy devoted to the atrocities of slavery.

Does she not know that there is to be no levity about the civil war, period, at all, at any time?

Dinner theater without a civics lesson? What? Is she nuts?

Ruin her!!!!

The two drooling hounds of the left, Shifty Schiff and The Great Pretender, Blumenthal, famed for his false claims of military service, can’t wait to get back to work.

They’ve got a dossier to publicize.

Yay! Another unsubstantiated smear, paid for by guess who.

The guy in charge of the company that procured it wouldn’t tell who had hired him after nearly 10 hrs of testimony before congress but it’s common knowledge that it was the folks under the umbrella with a big fat D on it, who were looking for opposition research on the Trump team.

For the record, neither Shifty nor Blubbering Blumenthal has bothered to even read the transcripts of the testimony that they can’t wait to expose.

They weren’t there in person, of course, they had their staff deal with it.

It’s August, don’t you know.

How about this for a Friday sneak in?  Democratic NJ senator Bob Menendez won’t be back in time for any September votes.

He’ll be busy at home defending himself in court.

Senator Menendez is about to be tried for bribery and corruption.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

That is embarrassing. No wonder they tried to slip that in on Hurricane Friday.

Not to be left out of the Friday night fun, Schumer floated a special balloon.

All inquiries into voter fraud are fundamentally racist and now that we’ve endured Charlottesville, any effort to look into such matters must be disbanded!

Well. In that case…

Keep on looking!


The number of news nuggets that were slipped into the seemingly wall to wall coverage of Hurricane Harvey was unbelievable.

For all of the outrage about the insensitivity and deceit of the White House, the democrats were just as bad.

The primary difference between the two is that the administration went unapologetically, about the business of governing while attending to the crisis, as opposed to their more insidious counterparts who pretended to be all consumed with the heart of Texas as they did their double dealing.

President Trump must run the country. Even in the event of national disaster, he has to divide his time between any number of pressing issues.

The democrats seem to be exclusively devoted to resistance and obstruction lately. One might reasonably conclude, therefore, that the honorable approach would be to lay low with their anti-Trump grousing for the weekend and concentrate on helping out in Texas.

The victims of Hurricane Harvey will undoubtedly have some tough times ahead. We wish them well and pray for a swift recovery.


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