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Hate In The Heart Of Virginia

charlottesville protests

What really happened in Charlottesville… a brutally honest perspective.

Three lives were lost.  Two of those killed were police officers who were only trying to keep people safe.

May they Rest In Peace.

Twenty people have been hospitalized so far.

We pray for their recovery.

If you turned on the news two minutes into the hour you probably missed those details. All you would have heard was condemnation of the president.

What else is new?

The events of Saturday were the culmination of 8 years of politically facilitated racial and social division.

Depending upon your party affiliation, you’ll be more inclined to lay the blame at the feet of one of the two equally culpable factions rather than the other.

That, my pretties, makes you part of the problem.

Let’s start from the beginning. Since it’s Sunday, we’ll call it Genesis.

In 2008, the United States elected its first black president. The gravity of that vote was underestimated. No one wanted to discuss real social issues until they suddenly came to a head.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

We’re just going to be blunt about the whole shebang because the time for subtlety is over.

Anyone who voted in the election of 2008, was aware of the fact that electing the first black president would be a major milestone in American history and that factor played a significant role in the outcome. (Everybody wants to be a part of making history. It gratifies the ego.) That particular vote also defined you in the eyes of your peers.

No white person wanted to be identified as the racist who denied the first real black contender a shot at the Oval Office. (Bill Clinton didn’t count even though he liked to claim the title) No black person really felt ok about voting against him either.

The evidence of that ambivalence is that the Democratic Party was decimated under Obama’s watch. People wanted to vote for the black guy, not his policies.

That’s not such a nice thing to say but it’s worse to pretend that it isn’t so.

That kind of denial actually exacerbates the problem.

The vast majority of the country abhors racism. That fact is frequently ignored.

Obama’s opponents came up with a plan.

If you don’t agree with his agenda, which FYI was pretty damned radical, you must then try to limit the scope of his legislative power by stacking the house, the senate and the governor’s mansions with republicans.

Most people felt good about the idea of electing the first black president. They just didn’t feel so great about having their pockets picked. They loved the thought that he would put an end to interracial strife. As the product of a mixed marriage, the assumption was that Barack Obama would offer a unique ability and desire to provide a unifying aspect to racial division.

Reticent voters loved the plan. They could ‘do the right thing’ by voting for him without having to endure a wallet impacting penalty. (as opposed to buying a ticket to Spike Lee’s cinematic experience of the same name. Buying a tick to that flick was a sucker punch to the purse) The first black president was basically untouchable.

He knew it. We knew it and his progressive pals in Europe knew it too and they milked it for all it was worth.

If you complained about the first black president, Bam! You were labeled a racist. If you watched Fox News, you were probably a racist. If you wanted less government spending on entitlement programs, there was no question about it. You were a greedy racist with a grudge against poor people of color and their innocent children, intent on keeping them down.

He allowed that kind of messaging from the party and worse yet, he encouraged it. So did his wife. They essentially weaponized the fear of being labeled a bigot because it provided him with a whole lot of latitude.

(Case in point- Obamacare.

You can see it after you pass it? What in the devil is that?) The two of them had a golden opportunity to heal old wounds and repair long standing racial division.

They squandered that opportunity and instead decided to use the world’s most powerful office to push a social agenda born out of years of their own personal resentments.

Trayvon Martin could have been my son?


My black daughters live in a house that slaves built?


Eric Holder, my wing man, will be dispatched to Ferguson immediately. Thank you for calling, Black Lives Matter and please accept my invitation to the White House. Don’t give a second thought to those minor indiscretions like chanting, ” Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon “.

It’s all good. Hands up, don’t shoot.


The list of examples goes on and on and it trickled down throughout the government. In the midst of rioting, the district attorney for Baltimore, who happens to be black, egregiously overcharged police officers after the death of Freddie Gray. She wanted to appease the crowd and even offered some line about hearing their cries of no justice, no peace. She should have been fired that day. Not only did she pander to a violent and destructive mob but she lost every single case thanks to the blatant overreach. The city also paid the family 6 million dollars. It was gratuitous and it was distasteful and it infuriated much of the country. With each successive episode of outlandish behavior that goes unchecked the racial chasm has grown. Shutting down the major shopping area in Chicago a day or two before Christmas out of deference to Black Lives Matter was obscene. People who had previously taken a neutral stance on the group developed a real resentment. That doesn’t make them racist. It makes them people who couldn’t get to the store for Christmas because democrats like to encourage collective guilt and group think. The result of which is that they’ve nurtured a violent, reactive group of thugs of all ethnicities who think that they are freedom fighters backed by a government and  media that refuse to challenge them.

The birtherism business wasn’t racist, it was stupid. As we’ve explained before, if the mother is American, the child is American, no matter where the birth took place. As a constitutional law professor, Barack Obama knew that perfectly well. The president could have chosen to dismiss the entire situation with a roll of the eyes and a simple explanation about how citizenship works. He didn’t do that though, did he?

Make no mistake about it. He intentionally exaggerated the racial component of the birther talk. B.O. is one smart cookie.

His minions were routinely dispatched to news outlets throughout all of his eight years in office, to express outrage about the racist undercurrents in America. Every single time he wasn’t getting his way, it was of course due to racism and intolerance, which clearly was being whipped up by Donald Trump, those gun toting, Bible baring, bigots known as republicans and the birther business.

For the record, identifying republicans in that manor is an expression of intolerance.

Then Hilary came along and made matters worse.

Out of a sense of decency, we’ll ignore the gratuitous hot sauce in the bag remark, the ‘think of me as your abuela’ routine and that God awful ” I don’t feel no ways tired” performance in the black church, all of which were incredibly distasteful and intentionally divisive. As her pal Comey likes to say, it was ” mildly nauseating”

When the democratic candidate for president promises to honor ” Black girl magic” and talk to her fellow white people about acknowledging their entitlement, lines are being drawn.

The condescending and completely deceitful message was, ‘don’t worry people of color, I’m with you. Elect me and you’ll no longer suffer under the yoke of white oppression.’

We are as disgusted by the KKK and white supremacists as anybody else. They’d burn The Scamper at the stake in a heartbeat and for the record, we are averse to excessive heat.

Here’s the weird thing. We had no idea that they still existed until recently and you know we like to keep an ear to the ground.

They’ve been essentially out of business for years.  Being ostracized by a government that mocked them and dismissed their concerns obviously led a large number of spineless jellyfish over to the militaristic factions of the white nationalist party.

Nevermind the free robe and cone hat combo set. That’s just one of the perks.

The resurgence of these disgusting groups is in no small part the result of government fomented hatred. When a presidential candidate refers to half of the country as a bunch of deplorable racists, the country is headed for serious trouble.

None of which excuses the behavior or the inexplicable level of hate that the white supremacists feel for people that they’ve never met. Part of the problem is that hate breeds hate and both the left and the right have extremely hateful elements amongst their ranks.

On Saturday morning, white nationalists of all sorts arrived for a scheduled and legally sanctioned protest in what was once known as Robert E Lee park.

In an attempt to placate delicato’s who can’t cope with historical reality, the park has been renamed, Emancipation Park.

Why not just call it, throw up my lunch park?

Really? Emancipation Park?

Pander, pander, pander…  puke. Jack pot!

Much like the Taliban, the radical left has been systematically removing all vestiges of national history that they find to be objectionable.

However, they’re not content with just destroying the cultural and historical remnants and moving along.

They want to tear down sculptures, remove flags, change southern school theme songs, rename streets and obliterate any vestige of the past while maintaining the right to politicize and benefit from the oppressive memories of those very same days gone by. (Not that any of them were actually alive then) According to a couple of panel members on Meet The Press this morning, any reminder of our shameful past is too much to bare now. We can’t pretend to understand the sudden urgency or frankly, the sentiment. Jews throughout Europe have an entirely different perspective. The remains of concentration camps are maintained with great care to serve as a reminder that an event like the Holocaust must never be allowed to happen again.

The leftist protesters knew that the racists were coming but they neither baked them a cake nor did they let them conduct their hateful protest in peace for an hour or two, which by the way, whether you like it or not, is their right.

Not since the Sharks and the Jets met on the Westside, have two opposing factions ever shown up quite so ready to rumble.

If the media had a lick of sense, they would have let these idiots duke it out without the benefit of publicity.

Both sides came with helmets, weapons and shields. At some points, it was hard to distinguish the protesters from the police. They were dressed like swat team members and carried guns, tasers and pepper spray.

For the record, all of them were prepared for battle, both sides, male and female.

Plenty of people got hurt and there was violence everywhere.

Then a car came careening down the street and hit a number of people. The driver was reportedly one of the white supremacists.

The chaos went on for hours, hospitals were filling up and the media covered every second of it.

The entire episode was a disturbing condemnation of our country.

These people have no respect for the law, each other or the nation as a whole. If a single one of the participants in Saturday’s bacchanalia expresses even the slightest hint of pride in their performance, we’d like to put in a bid for water cannons.

They pulled those babies out in Hamburg during the G20 riots and guess what. That funny business was said and done in no time. Plus as a bonus, once they received the all clear signal, the gays swooped in with the music machine and disco lights.

It went from drab to fab in about 60 seconds.

Say what you must about the Germans and their immigration policies but those guys know how to cope with a riot.

Water Cannons!

What a joy!

Even more disturbing than the actual riots, was the reaction from the left and to some degree, the Right.

During the day on Saturday, how much time do you think was devoted to the threat of nuclear war with North Korea?

The answer is zero.

We suspected that the North Korean scare was being dramatized, given that there have been no evacuations.

When the president emerged from a national security meeting, presumably about North Korea, he was asked to remark on the Charlottesville riots.

He firmly condemned all violence and hatred as un-American and unpatriotic. He expressed the accurate view that the violence of the day had been perpetrated by groups on both sides.

In point of fact, if the antifa characters hadn’t taken it upon themselves to shut down a lawful protest march, there wouldn’t have been any altercation. Therefore, they were actually the aggressors.

The problem is this. The views of the kkk clan and company are so repugnant that the media had been blaming them for the violence all day with little or no mention of the other side.

The scene was being inaccurately portrayed for hours. President Trump obviously noticed that and wanted to be clear that there is no place for that behavior on our streets. It was a reasonable and well measured stance.

At the time of his statement, the details of the hit and run were still emerging. No one knew who the driver was or what exactly had happened.

It was later discovered that he was a neo Nazi who had orchestrated his attack with help from one of the white supremacist groups.

They have now resorted to Isis style assaults. The left wants Trump to specifically call it domestic terrorism, which is an accurate term. So far, he has not accommodated them.

David Duke also came to the cameras after the president’s statement to say that the kkk loves Trump and that they put him in office to promote their agenda.

Now, if that were true, he never would have said it because such an announcement would jeopardize their plans.

David Duke was, as usual, causing trouble. Trump denounced him and the kkk repeatedly as a candidate and Duke was probably giving him some payback while he had a moment of national attention.

The president is being backed into a corner right now and we all know that he doesn’t respond well to that sort of thing. Ideally, he will come out tomorrow with a strong statement of condemnation for the clan and their likeminded brethren. He can be stubborn though, especially when he knows that his statement was valid.

No matter what this president does, he will be roundly criticized by the left, the media and the members of his own party who oppose him.

We’ll see what he does.

The kkk and white supremacists are a vile breed. It would be best if they made their dreams come true and lived in a world with only each other. Antarctica might just be the perfect spot. As much as they hate the rest of us, we all despise them. The president is no different.  That should be pretty obvious. All of this talk about his racist leanings is a calculated political attack. It’s tiresome and it’s damaging the country.

If the democrats want to display a real desire to improve current circumstances, we’ve got a couple of tips.

Stop bashing the president. It makes us all look bad Start participating productively in governing.

Recognize that you lost and deal with it. You won’t be able to jam your agenda down the throats of the republicans but you can make some rewarding compromises.

President Trump has always been willing to work with you and he often takes your position over that of his own party.

Be smart instead of sour. You may just find that you like it.

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