The Left’s Greatest Gift

The (Conditional) Abdication of Personal Responsibility

Fresh off the winds of two devastating natural disasters in the forms of Harvey and Irma, those ever-helpful democrats have blown in a refreshing ray of sunshine.

They call her Hillary.

Oh yes, she’s back and she’s just chock full of insight.


We’ve been quite forthright about our general political neutrality in the past. We have always maintained an independent stance.

Like the majority of Americans, despite party affiliation, we would feel most comfortable with a more traditionally moderate form of governance.

Fiscally conservative and socially tolerant.

We used to say fiscally conservative and socially liberal but thanks to the legacy of the left as determined by the “globalist” clan, the word liberal now catches in our throat like a fish bone and it frequently triggers and involuntary gag reflex.

Barack Obama drastically changed the nature of the Democratic Party.

Although the new age tootsies proudly sporting their bright blue, big D paraphernalia these days would be loath to admit it, Obama originally portrayed himself as a relatively moderate senator.

He favored strict immigration policy and was no fan of gay marriage.

In fact, when he ran in 2008, he was openly opposed to same sex marriage.

We mention that not as an objection to gay marriage but as a philosophical marking point for the Democratic Party when he became their nominee.

Barack Obama was not elected because he was black. He was elected because he was an extraordinarily talented politician.

As an astute political player, he understood his unique position very early on.

As the first black president, he became nearly untouchable. Any attempt to question him was automatically seen as an act of racism.

He could have put an immediate end to that kind of division but being the savvy Washington guy that he is, he knew that the fear of the bigotry label was his golden ticket.

He could go hog wild with outlandishly progressive policies with very little real opposition. The more outrageous he became, the more emboldened the party became.

Unfortunately for the rest of them, the protective shield of the first black president didn’t extend much further than the Oval Office.

The party lost a record number of congressional seats and governorships which left them mystified.

All of the cool kids in Hollywood loved the new feel good agenda. They just neglected to realize that the bulk of the country was paying an unbearable price for those good feelings.

Love everybody-

It wasn’t a sentiment. It was an almost papal executive order. Obama seemed to have a fondness for mandating magnanimous policies.

He wanted open borders, which is great if you get to observe your generosity from a multimillion dollar bubble.

Anyone who ever felt picked upon or discriminated against suddenly felt empowered.

They seemed to think of the election of the first black president as the great equalizer.

We need to welcome all of those precious refugees with open arms. That one was served up with a giant side helping of imposed guilt, as if Americans bear a collective responsibility for the atrocities inflicted by foreign nations.

That might be a lovely sentiment but as evidenced by the travails in Europe, there are some serious practicality issues. Of course, political and entertainment elites never face any of those inconvenient truths due to the segregation of power and wealth.

Do we even need to mention the nauseating fumes of private plane hypocrisy that fuel all that squawking about global warming?

The Dems knew that there was no way on earth that Hillary could maintain the Obama legacy.

Black trumps woman. (So to speak)

Too bad no one bothered to let her in on that memo.

Instead, the party cheated, lied and resorted to some of the most disgusting and intentionally divisive rhetoric ever seen in a presidential campaign.

All of which is perfectly reasonable because they have actually come to believe that they hold the exclusive rights to moral integrity.

Nothing has made this more clear than Hillary’s book tour inspired resurgence. Originally, we expected to be galled by the whole bitter lemon routine.

Poor me.

“Comey shived me” (For the record, that one is our personal favorite. “Shived” Really? It’s a jail term. Apart from getting her pals to free prisoners so they could vote for her, what does Mme Secretary know about jail talk?)

I lost because of misogyny. (Tell it to Margret Thatcher, Theresa May, Angela Merkel or any of the other 12 female heads of state in places far less liberal than the U.S.)

The excuses are endless. The woman managed to manufacture over 450 tear stained pages explaining why racist, sexist, hateful, lazy America rejected her.

And yes, she has used all of those adjectives.

To our discredit, we could not have loved her venomous, woe is me routine anymore. We have often mocked those who watch the bachelorette and those housewives of wherever eye wash but now we get it.

The Hillary show is pure gold.

The only drawback is that there has been a cumulative effect of nearly 10 years of no accountability from our nation’s leaders.

We’ll spare you the lengthy and repetitive list of past democratic foibles.

The political fallout of plenty of the recent ill-advised schemes to forcibly structure a global government co-op will be a subject of controversy for years to come. Everyone knows it and it’s dividing the country.

The Obama administration took a lot of constitutional liberties which they disingenuously sold as social imperatives.

That is his true legacy.

Chelsea Manning, a convicted criminal who sold classified intelligence to Wikileaks while serving in the armed forces has just been hired by Harvard in some abstract teaching role.

Bully for her.

She deserves it. She has suffered the undeniable burden of dealing with being a transgender person and she only committed treason because she objected to the government and the arbitrary assignment of the genitalia God gave her.

Absolved of all responsibility

Susan Rice unmasked Trump campaign members because the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates didn’t see Obama first.

He called to arrange a meeting with Obama and was snubbed. He then flew into the U.S. and met with Trump without giving Obama a heads up.

Don’t blame Susan.

The fact that her game of peek a boo, I’ll unmask you, was coincidentally followed immediately by damning leaks about Mike Flynn whose name was released, stunned her too. In fact, it stunned her so traumatically that she had no recollection of unmasking any names at all until she was under oath and presented with documentation of her actions.

It was justified because she suspected the Trump campaign of misdeeds.

Absolved of responsibility

Antifa is a fun club of leftist freedom fighters. Yeah, they get a little worked up on occasion. Okay, every so often they beat people that they suspect of being Trump supporters to within an inch of their lives. Obviously, they can’t allow any hint of fascism in this country, those heroes.  Don’t worry if you weren’t perceptive enough to recognize that moderate conservative speakers like Ben Shapiro threaten your very existence. Antifa knows and they will violently expel those Nazi scumbags from our society… even if they are posing as Orthodox Jews.

Antifa members are sanctioned by the left as “peace activists”. When they commit brutal acts of violence, vandalism, arson or unprovoked assault it’s because they are doing the good work of the resistance.


It looks as if those fine messages once brought to you by Sesame Street are now being taught by the good people of K Street (the proverbial home of all Washington lobbyists).

That sure is some uplifting news, eh?

Let’s take a pass on that tried and true but intentionally mis-characterized theory of trickle-down economics and swap it out for some trickle down liberal justification.

Don’t you worry.

You are perfectly entitled to commit any crime or antisocial act as long as you have some sound Democratic logic to back it up.

We no longer say looting. We say imperative reallocation of goods. (Yes, indeed my friends, that actually happened in Florida, post Irma and that’s what they called it. Apparently, it’s racist to accuse people of looting if they aren’t white. They didn’t grow up with privilege. Needs must be met.) Liberal politicians have done an admirable job of mainstreaming what would ordinarily be considered crime.

For example, illegal border crossing. Who would dare have the indecency to suggest that a dreamer isn’t a real American?

Not only do those precious angels deserve immediate amnesty without any question but humanity dictates that each and every one of their relatives with a name they can put on paper, also be granted citizenship.

Only a racist animal would deny these beautiful, international treasures their rightful opportunity to live the American dream… healthcare, social services, food stamps and education all provided free of charge.

In summary, as long as you agree to complacently acknowledge that the democrats always know what’s best and you commit to a lifetime of voting Team D, you can get away with pretty much anything… unless you can’t. Then you’re pretty much screwed.

The truly special surprise in the Democratic box of cracker jacks is that you don’t really matter at all, you silly goose.

Your individual value is negligible. It’s all about the voting bloc.

How’s that for conditional absolution?

Word to the wise- all crimes committed with liberal justification can be ignored, just as long as it’s an election year and you aren’t unduly susceptible to severe sunburn.

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