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In typical Democratic fashion, the liberal set has been engaging in some cultural appropriation.

In other words…

the left is singing the blues.

They know full well that their tear-filled tales are largely fabricated and at least exaggerated but at this point it looks like they’ll try anything.

Hoochie Coochie Man

They tried to decimate Trump during the campaign. They disparaged him and they dismissed his supporters. They dropped long lost NBC tapes of hot mic conversations and accused him of predatory behavior.

They portrayed him as a sexist and a racist relentlessly and frequently baselessly. Right up until about 9 pm on election night, they were sure they had it in the bag.

The republicans were calling it The Midnight Special*. They had won and they couldn’t believe it.

Hillary was Way Down In The Hole

She drank her Cherry Red Wine* and skittered off to some woodland Hideaway* to Think It Over*.

Now she’s back with her new book about What Happened, otherwise known as, Damn Right I Got The Blues* and her disappointed minions have been left to sit out on their various porches with glasses of spiked lemonade concocting sad songs about how Trump and the GOP done them wrong.

The fact that singing the blues has been a long standing southern black tradition is in no way lost on them.

The Dems have apparently decided to go all in on racial division. The real oddity in that rather distasteful plan is that it’s primarily being implemented by rich white politicians and their equally Caucasian media cohorts.

As if to not be too obvious, they’ve thrown in a healthy dash of socioeconomic division as well.

Minnie The Moocher*

HHS secretary Tom Price has resigned. It would seem that he had a penchant for private air travel.

Yes indeed, he was quite a flamboyant pig about his grand travel requirements. We are not the least bit sad that he’s been relieved of duty. However, the feverish delight with which the left chased this story was inconsistent with the way that they treated the even more egregious expenditures of members of the Obama administration.

For all of the shock and outrage about the 77 private flights designated as White House support missions during this administration, it might behoove the Dems to remember that the number was 94 during the very same period of the Obama administration’s first year.

Shame, Shame, Shame*

Both parties play fast and loose with tax payer dollars on a routine basis. All of it is entirely unacceptable but when a considerable contributing factor to the Hillary defeat was the public perception of wide scale financial corruption, it

does smack of sour grapes when the press is this dogged about busting somebody from the other side.

A Sunday Kind Of Love*


Are these people seriously carrying on with this nonsense as if it’s legitimate?

Honest to Betsey, this desperate need to take a knee is a problem exclusively afforded to rich and powerful celebrities.

First amendment rights?!?


What do you think would happen to a factory worker who decided to exercise his right to free speech on the production floor?

This kneeling business is the ultimate display of entitlement. No one would dare to say so publicly these days because the left has effectively conditioned so much of the country to believe that entitlement is a character flaw that can only be attributed to people with white skin.

Why not ask that very same factory worker how he gets hassled if he drives through a neighborhood that isn’t his own? It won’t matter if he’s black or white. The chances are pretty good that he won’t fare so well.

How dare these overpaid, pampered jackasses who’ve been coddled since the very first moment they showed any significant athletic skill, play the victim card? What a shameful precedent to set.

That admirable trend setter who has so repulsively been compared to Martin Luther King Jr., Colin Kaepernick did donate a whopping $25,000 of his earnings to a worthy cause.

He gave it to a charitable group named after a notorious cop killer. How honorable.

The left has intentionally refused to acknowledge facts like that because they have an unpleasant way of discrediting fame seeking idiots who can be used for the cause.

How about they devote some of that fierce, unwavering support to Sweet Home Chicago*?

Oh never mind, that’s Stone Crazy*. Chicago is dangerous and scary. Football games are fun.

Here’s what really put a bee in our bonnet.

The way the horrific tragedy in Puerto Rico is being politicized and turned into race baiting propaganda is pure Evil*.

Anyone who truly believes that the president is content to let the people of Puerto Rico suffer, starve, drown and die because they are insignificant brown people needs to save up every single penny of next year’s tax deduction and hire a shrink.

It is beyond disgusting that the left has been promoting this theory.

Puerto Rico is in dire straights. The people are dealing with an unfathomable crisis.

To ascribe one moment of their suffering to the president’s bigotry or lack of empathy is a vile assertion and it’s being made again and again by liberal politicians and the Renfield wannabes of the press. (yeah, that’s right. We just called the top dogs of the DNC a bunch of soulless vampires)

After having been displaced from our home since Irma came a’ calling in south Florida, we are quite empathetic to those who deal with the wrath of Mother Nature. Yesterday, however, we were informed by a charming young thing that we had no business expressing upset about the airborne mold in our much loved homestead because she had relatives in PR.

We had actually already considered that matter and felt appropriately grateful.

She went on to spew invective about President Trump’s utter lack of concern for brown folk.

As our blood began to boil, we realized what was happening.

Miss Thing had become a casualty of the democratic propaganda. She was rude and insensitive and essentially condemned us as a bigot for not recognizing our white privilege.

We’ve been shacked up in a far less than ideal situation for a month while waiting for the all clear from the mold lady.

Because the Scamper is such a delightful creature we chose not to burden her with the tales of the ice cold showers that we’ve been subjected to or the gigantic bug that visits on a nightly basis. By the way, we’ve named him Hugo.

Our attempts at empathy were rebuffed and frankly we weren’t above grumbling. Upon returning to the temporary digs, we experienced a tinge of guilt.

We looked into ways in which we could provide assistance to those in more dire straights in Puerto Rico.

We discovered that they were in desperate need of qualified truck drivers. An abundance of supplies have been delivered but in order to distribute the food, water and medicine, big rig trucks will be required to carry the load.

We immediately called Miss Thing to suggest that we organize a group of volunteer drivers together. The response was, why don’t you volunteer? Too privileged?

Instead of putting her on blast as was our natural inclination, given that she knows perfectly well that we can barely park our own car with any degree of proficiency, we elected to understand that the poor thing was just another victim of the sick and destructive democratic siren song known as the blues.

That my dear friends is The Story Of The Blues

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