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America’s Newest Game Show

How fun. Everyone loves a game show, provided that it offers some excitement.

We’ve gone from Jeopardy and The Price is Right to Big Brother and the Bachelor. Watching Jeopardy was inspirational. Bright, well educated people competed for cash and prizes in a game of intellect. The Price is Right was a fan favorite because average Americans could win by having a knowledge of everyday expenses.

The games were wholesome and popular but they began to bore people.

We moved on to more edgy venues like family feud. Fame seeking families would compete with each other to air America’s dirty laundry.

What angers wives most?

Survey says… A man who won’t do the dishes.

Yay! Woo hoo.

Number one answer… A man who says he’s “working late” wink, wink It wasn’t exactly subtle but it wasn’t crude. Soon, it wasn’t enough.

A disproportionate number of Americans now tune in to see which one of more than a dozen scantily clad beauties can manage to wrangle a wedding ring out of some hapless fool in a matter of months and viewers love it.

Game shows have adjusted to the changing entertainment demands of the audience.

Unfortunately, so have the purveyors of the news. News is a business and the business revolves around maximizing viewership.

The days of pride taken in the stoicism of unbiased, non partisan reporting are long over. Correspondents are now flamboyantly playing for party approval.

Fine, call it a sign of the times. We can each tune in to our flavor of choice. CNN and MSNBC for the left and FOX for the right. The New York Times and The Washington Post are obviously playing for the left too.

Here’s the problem. They don’t even report the same news anymore. The coverage is selective and based on political perspective. Also, the spin is disorienting.

4 stories dominated the news today. Well, actually it was three. The most important story was given short shrift.

On Tuesday afternoon the missile defense system was successfully tested.

A missile was launched into space from the Marshall Islands. A short time later, that missile was targeted and shot down by the defense system in California. Comparisons were made to one bullet striking another bullet at high speed from an enormous distance.

The successful completion of this test sent a purposeful message to North Korea and others that America won’t provide an easy target.

This should have been the top story. Fears could have been reduced and a feeling of national unity might have been somewhat restored.

Instead, this moment of triumph was glossed over in favor of more divisive highlights.

Hillary Returns

MSNBC covered it like the beautiful tale of a Phoenix rising. Fox News treated it like a sad after school special about learning to move on with grace.

Frankly, we were completely mesmerized by the entire performance.

First of all, the fact that the venue was a conference on technology was just too good to be true. Call us cynical but the irony of a woman who excused her felonious deletion of classified and subpoenaed computer files by feigning confusion about wiping her screen with a cloth, struck us as awfully rich. She looked unkempt and ragged and her tone was one of defiance with a soupçon of belligerence.

While she took responsibility for all of her decisions, she didn’t draw a full breath before announcing that she had nothing to do with her loss.

The DNC offered her nothing. The New York Times and The Washington Post prolonged the email scandal. Facebook didn’t treat her fairly and most importantly Donald Trump colluded with the Russians.

Of course misogyny played a major role as well.

Her email scandal ” was the biggest nothing burger ever” and ” they covered it like it was Pearl Harbor”

It went on and on in vain. It was neither heroic and inspiring nor alarmingly crazed. It was only a nearly 70 year old woman who’s having a hard time accepting the fact that her life long dream isn’t going to be realized. She’s bitter and angry which isn’t especially surprising. What is surprising, other than that revolting expression nothing burger, is that her continued appearances are starting to take on the voyeuristic intrigue of a train wreck along the highway. If the Democratic Party had any respect for Hillary Clinton they’d give her some honorary position and discourage further interviews.

You can click on the link below to see it for yourself.

Pulling out of the Paris accord.

Depending on the channel you’ve tuned into, this is either a devastating blow to both international relations and the future of your grandchildren or the only sane choice.

The reality is that it isn’t a make or break decision. The Paris accord is a non binding agreement to a socially directed approach on global warming. It is quite specifically not a treaty. President Obama signed it by executive order, as usual, in order to avoid the inconvenience of vying for legislative approval. Since the proposal is so poorly written, he knew that he could never get the required two thirds of the senate to sign off on the plan. It was yet another typically shady Obama end around.

China signed the accord but only agreed to think about employing the prescribed measures in 2030. North Korea signed on too. That’s a worthless commitment. Brazil is gung-ho but they are amongst the biggest polluters in the world.

The nature of the agreement is that everyone commits to making significant investments in clean energy. Naturally, the United States would be expected to carry the brunt of the burden.

Here’s the problem.

The U.S. doesn’t benefit from this arrangement. We already do our part to reduce carbon emissions and we are not big polluters. We do however, have an abundance of natural energy sources. Much of Europe does not. Germany, for example, only serves to profit from the conversion to windmills and solar paneling for energy because it would reduce their need for external purchases. That same conversion would cost the U.S. a huge amount of tax payer dollars as well as a tremendous number of jobs.

As with our deal with NATO, the costs and benefits are not aligned with American interests. Before you condemn that simple statement as the selfish, isolationist rhetoric of nationalism, check your facts.

If it is your contention that it is our global duty to step up to the plate, check the results of the last election.

Americans have grown tired of picking up the slack for the rest of the world. Globalism may be a glorious concept but very few have experienced it that way. The average experience has been one of government mandated sacrifice in order to service an elitist idea of the greater good.

Democrats need to understand that regular people resent that sort of thing. Americans value the notion of self rule. They expect to have a say in how their tax dollars are allocated. Until democrats learn to respect that, they will face hostility.

Whether or not we pull out of the Paris accord is , in reality, inconsequential.

The deal can be renegotiated or it can be sent to congress for approval. There is no immediate crisis. If fully implemented, the whole plan, assuming 100% cooperation reduces global warming by .2 degrees after ten years. There’s time for negotiation.

Another day, another subpoena.

This is the one that’s starting to get our goat.

While Comey’s testimony will undoubtedly be thoroughly entertaining, it will be utterly unreliable. The man is sanctimonious and self serving. He has also lost all credibility. As of now, his testimony can’t be trusted.

Former CIA director Brennen is no more reliable. He has lied at least twice before congress and when asked directly about unmasking by ambassadors he obviously hesitated and feigned memory loss. If the head of the CIA can’t remember something as abnormal as the ambassador to the United Nations making repeated requests to unmask the identity of US citizens he’s either a liar or frighteningly inept.

Leaks have been bursting out of the intelligence community with alarming consistency. Either they are knowingly committing treason at great personal risk or someone awfully high up gave them a green light with a promise of protection. Neither situation is tolerable.

After over 6 months of vicious and damning allegations against the president by a group of people who are openly hostile to him, there has not been a single shred of evidence of any wrong doing.

Until Wednesday there was absolutely no interest in investigating the unlawful surveillance of the Trump campaign and then White House. If you feel an obligation to discount that reality, you may want to ask yourself how it is that you know so much about the specifics of internal communications. Either someone is making up lies or someone is spying.

We may soon know. Subpoenas have been issued to several top Obama officials. (Former CIA director Brennan, Susan Rice and former UN ambassador Samantha Power.) This entire ordeal has become a national embarrassment. Our intelligence agencies now lack credibility with our allies. Don’t blame Trump for that. He’s not the one sneaking off to the press with a disguise and a voice modulator.

Maybe Flynn did do something wrong. If so, it will soon come to light. If Jared Kushner committed a crime, that too will be revealed. Don’t think for a second though that heads won’t roll on both sides of the aisle. As we have long said, this thing will probably come down to a couple of sacrificed pawns, one from each side.

What a disgusting statement about the state of American politics.

In the mean time, the work of the people has intentionally been placed in a perpetual holding pattern.

There is zero respect for the election or the voters. Democrats were both appalled and horrified by the thought that Trump would pull exactly these types of shenanigans. They are justifying their behavior now by encouraging division and rage. They like to present this nonsense as an honorable resistance.

There is nothing honorable about this behavior. Stalling the function of government because your candidate lost is shameful and anyone who actively participates should be voted out of office as soon as possible.

This president is not a policy ideologue. He is totally amenable to negotiation. These concerted efforts to manufacture a reason to impeach him are a betrayal of the people.

The special investigation is underway. Anyone of honor can now show their true colors. They can either get down to work and combine forces to fix what’s wrong in this country or they can continue to disrupt any progress until the next election. The backlash may not be pretty though. Creating this level of hostility has taken time and effort. Even if the democrats win in 2018 and ultimately in 2020, they are guaranteed to reap what they have sewn. Great!

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