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The Pantsuit Princess May Only Have 5 Outfits, But She’s Got a Lot of Dirty Laundry. 

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Hillary Clinton vehemently denies that she’s available to play for pay but history suggests something different.

In 1978 there was a commodities scandal. She supposedly just decided to invest in cattle futures as a lark. In ten months her $1,000 turned into $100,000. One might be tempted to shrug that off as a lucky bet, but the circumstances don’t bear that out. 

Her trades were initially handled by Robert L “Red” Bone at Refco. He was a former executive at Tyson foods. Her friend, James Blair, outside council to Tyson foods, recommended the investment after making a great deal of money on such deals himself. One could logically question whether Tyson foods had inside knowledge of the beef market and wonder if there was insider trading at play. Additionally, one might wonder about Refco’s role.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange regulates commodities trades and a minimum investment of $12,000 is required. Hillary was allowed to invest only $1,000. Refco knew perfectly well that they were in violation of the regulation. Tyson opened a major plant in Arkansas at around the same time and received $9 million in government loans approved by Governor Clinton.  In order to open their Tyson Green Forrest plant they were required to comply with state waste management standards. Although, Tyson was never forced to comply with those costly requirements. By 1983 enough waste from the plant had seeped into the town water supply that the residents started to become very ill. Clinton had to declare the town a disaster area. No wonder Hillary was upset about Flint Michigan. It must have brought up some old feelings of guilt.

While Mrs. Clinton was the Secretary of State the Clinton foundation blossomed inexplicably to a holding of $300 million, partially due to an undisclosed donation of $145 million from the shareholders from a uranium company called Uranium One. It just so happens that the company needed approval from the state department to sell ownership to the Russian State Nuclear Agency because the sale included 20% of US uranium production. The donation was discovered filed under Canadian tax records.

Those are older deals though. The current dubious financial entanglement involves a mysterious company called Teneo. Teneo was started in either 2009 or 2011 the records say 2009 the owners say 2011. It was founded by Bill Clinton’s right hand man Doug Band and longtime major donor Declan Kelly who was appointed by Secretary of State Clinton as economic envoy to Northern Ireland. Their web site is extraordinarily vague as to exactly what they do other than pay salaries to Clinton pals and provide access to world leaders. While working at the state department in 2012 under Mrs. Clinton, Huma Abedin was employed by Teneo. She was also employed by the Clinton Foundation and Mrs. Clinton personally.  This raised some eye brows in Washington. Senator Chuck Grassley started looking into the situation. Suddenly records of Huma Abedin’s association with Teneo disappeared as did the records of several other members of Clinton’s team.

In 2013 the senate judiciary committee opened an investigation into Teneo and improper government access. Teneo has refused to cooperate. When asked why the Secretary of State’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, had a 3 hour meeting at the company in 2012, Teneo refused to respond. The company also arranges speaking engagements for both Clintons for enormous fees.

There was an abundance of email correspondence between Clinton’s office and Teneo, all of which was deleted. The search for any remaining email traffic is part of the focus of the current FBI investigation. The assumption is that Teneo is merely a fundraising component of the Clinton Foundation and that it serves as a virtual ATM to the Clinton family.

These issues are guaranteed to become a major topic of discussion if Hillary is the democratic nominee. It should make for a fascinating fall.

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