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When you awakened on Wednesday morning, you undoubtedly discovered that the democrat, Doug Jones had beaten Roy Moore in the Alabama special election.

While many democrats remained reserved, others became overwhelmed with a desire to gloat and strut.
They seemed to be under the impression that the resistance was taking over.
Sorry, that would be incorrect.

The GOP botched this one and rumor has it that it wasn’t unintentional.
The president sided with McConnell during the primaries.

Mo Brooks was the favorite for the majority of conservative horse whisperers. He had the best shot at winning and he’s a known entity. He’s also a member of the freedom caucus. That plays well in Alabama but could be problematic on the senate floor. The freedom caucus has a tendency to object to being corralled by McConnell.
Both Luther Strange and Roy Moore were dicey calls.

Strange was appointed by a scandal laden governor on his way out, which appeared to many to be pay back for Strange’s refusal to prosecute him during his time as the state’s attorney general.
Moore was worse. He had made any number of outlandish statements and had been removed from the bench twice for disregarding Supreme Court rulings.

That one has always been a loose cannon.
Bannon backed Moore.
Moore is ultra-right wing and has frequently displayed his rebellious ways. Bannon wants to create political chaos. There was never any guarantee that Moore would support the Trump agenda. It was about Bannon, not the president.

McConnell and friends supported Luther Strange. They didn’t want to add another member to the demanding freedom caucus and probably figured that Strange would be both grateful and malleable.

The wagging tongues are saying that the McConnell minions threatened any local republicans who didn’t support Strange. Alabama is a proud State with proud people. Threats don’t sit well with them.

McConnell should have known that. If he didn’t, other senators could have told him.
Brooks was the natural fit for such a conservative state. Either the mainstream republican establishment was recklessly attempting to strengthen their power base or they were trying to rein the president’s power in. They don’t like him and they are willing to sacrifice much of their agenda in order to see him fail.
Jeff Flake even sent money to support Doug Jones.
How’s that for disloyalty?

The news of Moore’s sexual indiscretions was conveniently timed. No one offered up so much as a peep for nearly forty years but a month before the election the flood gates burst open.
Given that the revelations were so salaciously offered up by The Washington Post, one can probably assume that the democrats can take credit for that move.
The republicans are self-defeating with their inability to form a cohesive unit.
The democrats, on the other hand, are a devious pack.
Those little devils have a plan.

They wanted to flip the Alabama seat because they wanted to establish a perception of momentum. They were happy to dump Conyers, who’s 88 yrs old and said to be suffering from dementia.
Al Franken was an easy choice too. Not only were there photographs but the guy is reportedly a real jerk. He throws things at his staff. He hoots and hollers on a regular basis but most importantly, he was gearing up for a 2020 presidential run. The party has other plans.

Dollars to doughnuts, the Dems set up their own.
If Moore won, Franken could stay out of principal.
If Moore lost, they would use the Crimson Tide, as it were, to try to sweep Trump up in the sexual harassment frenzy.
The Russian probe is going nowhere. Frustration with that was evident in Wednesday’s Rosenstein testimony before the house judiciary committee.
The republicans have unmasked quite a few biased members of the FBI and the DOJ who’ve been tilting the scales of justice.

The most recent and most scathing information is that there is a text from the notorious Peter Stzork to his adulterous FBI mistress that would appear to suggest that while in the office of Andrew McCabe, they hatched a plan to bring down Trump. It looks like that’s why Mueller let him go.
We’ve included an in-depth investigative report on the message.

View article here

The democrats seem to understand that this Russian collusion storyline is heading into potentially treacherous terrain. Rosenstein refused to acknowledge that the FBI either partially funded the dirty dossier or used it to obtain FISA warrants to spy on members of the Trump team. That guy won’t be getting an Oscar anytime soon. He jiggled uncontrollably in his seat and repeatedly sited ongoing investigations in order to dodge questions.

The jig is just about up on this vaudeville show, which precisely why the Dems have turned to the sexual charges.
Russia can’t quite capture the public interest and outrage like a sexual abuse scandal.
The main focus for the democrats on the judicial committee was launching a new special investigation into the president’s sexual history.

Here’s the ultimate goal for those duplicitous Dems.
Dump Trump.

Be it Russian collusion, tax evasion or sexual assault, they don’t care. They’ll try it all.
Now that they’ve flipped Alabama they’re newly emboldened.
They’ve started smearing Pence too. The plan is to take the house and the senate in 2018. They will probably replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of The House with someone like Seth Moulton of Massachusetts.

If they can impeach the president, which will be tough, they hope to get rid of Pence, immediately thereafter.
Next in line is speaker of the house and the new president becomes whomever they have picked. The democrats will have essentially staged a coup.
They may be feeling proud and sassy today but in the unlikely event that they can actually pull this off, do they think there will be no reprisals?
This is ugly business. There’s no honor in DC these days.

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