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Patty’s Personal Summer Lifestyle Guidelines

It’s that time of year again. Ahhhh summer…. Beach days and fun in the sun. At least that’s what people think of when they think of summer. And yet I’m convinced that “those people” have never had to work on location for months in the tropics during the sweltering, torrential down pour every day, mosquitos swarm that I think of when we say goodbye to May. Let’s be honest, if you spend whole summers in these places it can end up feeling, well gross to say the least.

I try and always look at the bright side of things and through my experience in these climates, these are some of my top tips to survive the summer while still having fun and feeling confident wearing smaller clothes. These are not in order of importance.

1. Get some sun but be smart about it!!!

summerNo one wants to put on their shorts or bikinis feeling pasty but we also don’t want to look like Magda from the movie Something about Mary either. Ease into summer by gradually getting some sun but wear sunscreen and NEVER tan your face!!! That is what bronzer is for. No one will care about your tan if your face and décolletage is a sun damaged wreck. Take extra special care of those areas while protecting your whole body. In a pinch use some self-tanner or body bronzer until your base tan develops. I love the products from Vita Liberata.

0006_25666_mc_10742. When you get home in the evening don’t change into a moo moo!!!!

This one may sound strange but it can make such a difference I promise. The colder months make it necessary to bundle up I get it. But when you wear super loose fitting lounge wear it’s easy to be less cognizant of your body. It’s easier to over eat or forget about the gym when you can’t see your shape in your clothes. I don’t promote or condone body shaming of any kind but I find that when I come home and put on a comfy outfit that fits my body that I am more aware of what I eat for dinner and snacks and it keeps me in tune with where I am with my fitness goals. We don’t need to dress in cute clothes for anyone else! I have been with my husband happily for 12 years and I like to dress cute for me first!!! He just happens to reap the benefits. If I came home and put on some baggy outfit, I might take that third helping of dinner that I didn’t really want or need or convince myself that tapping into my dark baking chocolate chips is a good idea…. Which it isn’t

3. Try and make it a cheat meal and not a cheat day!

I think the idea of a whole day of eating garbage is totally ridiculous. We work hard to fit our healthy eating and gym time into our busy lives and the truth is a naughty weekend can totally undo a whole week of hard work. Take your plans into account. If you are having dinner at your fave Italian place Saturday night then order it!! Life is short! But take into account what you put into your mouth for the day prior. Eat well and watch your carbs. Having brunch with friends on Sunday? Order pancakes and drink mimosas, it’s fine! But be good the rest of the day and don’t get cute with the left overs in a to- go bag. Not only is blowing the wheels off all weekend a waste of hard work but it will, for lack of better words make you feel like shit. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

4. You can have it all but not all right now!

Summertime is often the time we all take our much needed vacations. And this rule applies to when we are off our routines and away from our own kitchens. Of course we want to enjoy ourselves on vacation but we also want to look good and feel confident wearing fewer clothes. For me it’s always harder to stay on track away from home and I will never be the girl who looks at food and says “I can’t have that”. Ever. But I do tell myself that I will enjoy my favorite foods everyday but not in the same meal and not at every meal. I will be in the Mediterranean in July with my family who are all foodies and winos and the struggle will be real. I want to eat cheese and pasta and pizza and gelato but I also don’t want to avoid the pool or camera because I feel all bloated and swollen. I want to live in the moment and enjoy my loved ones and my experience to the fullest. My number one vacay hack is to try to keep breakfast filling but simple and clean. If I start my day with pastries etc. I have an easier time saying “screw it” and indulging at every meal and then some. Not good. When I drink lots of water have my first meal be quality it makes all the difference for setting the tone of my day. And to be honest, I enjoy my food more when I don’t overindulge

work-out5. Get your butt moving!!!!

That’s the bottom line. Move your body. Do workouts you enjoy. And if you don’t know what you enjoy then figure it out. The main point of exercise if you ask me is to stay out of the doctor’s office, stay mentally sharp and sane and to care for the amazing gift that is your body. Strength is beautiful. So many women just want to be skinny. Doing what I do for a living many people come to me for advice and while I’m so passionate on the subject, I make one thing quite clear. If your only concern is a number on a scale or a jeans size or just being skinny you’ve come to the wrong person. I’ve always striven to be fit and strong. That is just what makes me feel my most confident and happy. And being that I am a smallish framed female, God forbid a man ever put his hands on me in a violent manner, he better watch out. That might be a fight I’d lose but I’d sure as hell go out in a blaze of glory protecting myself. To me fitness is a feeling not a look. So no matter your current weight, fitness level, past injuries, whatever your obstacles might be, there is a way that you can move your body to make it its best self. Treat your body with the respect it deserves. Make it the place your mind and soul want to live in. You get one chance to live in it and that’s it.

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