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A Play Along Scamper Family Game

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Every year, for as long as we can remember, Scamper family Thanksgiving’s have included the ‘Time Man of the Year’ game. 

Time magazine has modernized it to Time Person of The Year but some of the Scamper clan found that update to be unworthy, PC pandering.

Each year, the highly anticipated list hits the table and the consideration begins. Cross talk is not welcomed. If you have any questions or desire to discuss the potential picks, you had best have chosen your seat wisely. Auntie is always a safe bet, she’s up to speed on everyone and she’s a good whisperer. No one wants to get caught commiserating.

Political talk is highly discouraged at the holiday table but by desert time, look out, the pontificating begins. After the plates are cleared but before the pies emerge, each person must state their case.

You are allowed 3 picks and they must be in preferential order. Each pick requires some level of justification. Interruptions are not allowed. Don’t think for a moment that there isn’t plenty of sighing and eyeball rolling though. No one at the table is a saint.

We look forward to this game every year.

Time magazine will publish the person of the year edition by December 8. Be advised, they can be tricky. This is their list of contenders. They’ve already chosen the winner and the list is only a guideline. The winner could be a combination or a derivative. For example, Trump was a top pick but we went with ‘ the silent majority’ instead because Trump has been on so many covers already.

It’s a fun game that encourages interest in current affairs. It also reduces the political fighting that everyone dreads. The one downside is that you may find yourself exposed to a pontificator who carries on for an extended period of time. That too, is discouraged. Last year we actually had to request a taser allowance for such occasions. FYI, the request was denied, some nonsense about risking heart attacks. Whatever. Instead we opted for a buzzer sound. It works but we don’t recommend it. Some people find that to be distasteful.

Try the game. We think you’ll enjoy it. We’d love to see your picks. We will post the results and the winner on December 8, when we will also reveal our choices.

Good luck and enjoy the game!

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