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Today’s Political Update: Where Things Stand After Super Tuesday 2


Super Tuesday 2

Trump triumph troubles tricksters.

Republicans held primaries in 4 states yesterday and Trump won 3 of them. Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii all went to Trump, while Cruz won Idaho.

The party elites are apoplectic. None of their outlandish attempts to stop Trump have had much effect and they are running out of time.

This past week, party power brokers came out of the woodwork to participate in another round of humiliating displays of impotence.

Lindsey Graham, who recently dropped out of the presidential race due to an inability to garner so much as a lick of support, mustered up every bit of influence that he had left to grab hold of a mike and advocate, one more time, for kicking Trump out of the party.

Romney, desperate to stay relevant, recorded a series of anti-Trump messages for the phone which were sent out to voters in participating states. Good job, Mitt everybody loves a crank call.

The Cruz camp sunk even lower. Emails were sent out that claimed that Rubio was pulling out of the race and wanted his votes to go to Ted. That was just a typical Ted trick though. Far more loathsome, was the effort to smear Trump’s wife, Melania. Middle aged female Cruz supporters appeared on cable news channels to address the perils of a Trump as First Lady. They delivered such a bile laden, venomous litany of misogynistic attacks that even the reporters conducting the interviews openly expressed disgust. Wife bashing?!?  Oh, Ted, Say it isn’t so. You’re usually such a great guy.

republican results

There were even attempts to compare the rise of Trump to the rise of Isis. Mostly, the republicans resorted to a series of juvenile stunts that were totally ineffectual.

There was one attempt to deny voters an honest election that actually could work and it’s pretty frightening. Over the weekend, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and a few other GOP big wigs convened for a secret meeting on a private island off the coast of Georgia. The other participants in the meeting were a group of the wealthiest, most powerful tech moguls including, Elon Musk and Tim Cook. The Silicon Valley set typically votes with the democrats, so this might seem strange. You bet your sweet grandma’s knickers it’s strange. This unholy alliance met with only one goal, dump Trump. We don’t yet know what kind of witchery is a brew, but it sure smells like trouble. That particular cast of characters, might want to keep a little something in mind though as they dance with the devil.

Be careful what you wish
Be careful what you do
Cause if it’s bad it’ll come back to you
They might not have taught that one in church, but it’s still a classic.

On the other side of the aisle, 2 states held democratic primaries.

Michigan went to Sanders by a small margin and The Hill took Mississippi. Honestly though, we all know it’s a done deal, so did you even care?


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