A Politically Incorrect News Update for The Week Ahead

Trump & London Attack

Before you wander over to the water cooler, you may need to prepare yourself for the inevitable barrage of b.s. headed your way.

Memorial Day serves a special purpose for politicians and pundits. Their inbred elitism has led them to believe that anyone worthy of their respect will be vacationing throughout the summer.

From the end of May straight through the first weekend of September, both groups have a tendency to spin outlandish yarns with only a thread of truth. They also seem to be under the impression that they can’t be held accountable for anything they say because anyone who counts is either out playing tennis or on the golf course, assuming that they aren’t away.

Here’s the unvarnished version of what you need to know.

On Saturday night, London endured yet another wave of terrorism.

It was only 2 weeks ago that Manchester was attacked during an Ariana Grande concert which was primarily attended by young girls.

Theresa May, the British prime minister offered a few words of solace and raised the threat level for the nation after 2 hours of providing a false narrative about little girls trampling each other because the sound of a balloon popping made the silly little things panic.

Despite a series of statements following the event about active Isis cells and imminent attacks, she decided to lower the threat level, leading both British citizens and tourists to believe that the government had the situation under control.

They didn’t.

Just after 10 pm on Saturday, a van hurtled across the London bridge at high speed, lurched onto the heavily populated sidewalk and plowed down at least 20 people. Immediately thereafter, at least 3 men emerged from the vehicle brandishing large knives. They stabbed several people.

Minutes later, there was another stabbing at Vauxhall train station. That was followed by at least one more attack at Borough market. So far 7 people have been confirmed dead and 48 have been hospitalized.

Once again, Prime Minister May, refused to admit that this was an act of terrorism for hours. Anyone watching the news knew. The response was unmistakable. They evacuated at least one hotel, a restaurant and a bar in addition to several residential buildings. Obviously, they were concerned about a potential bomb. As police and the British equivalent of swat teams flooded the area, performing admirably, the government continued to deny any certainty of terrorism.

The U.S. media, while making it perfectly clear that this was a terrorist attack, alluded to the fact that the British government had been forced to lie thanks to the leaks in the unmanageable and untrustworthy Trump administration that had now endangered us all.

Truth time.

Theresa May has been down playing terrorism in large part because she faces an election in 3 days.

She lowered the threat level, irresponsibly. Her policies have allowed 23,000 suspected proponents of Islamic terrorism to wander about the U.K. at liberty.

The attitude of heroic tolerance and global acceptance is becoming terribly costly. This was a foreseeable outcome.

How could it be that a delivery van was able to access the sidewalk on a highly populated tourist spot like the London bridge? How is it possible that there were no boundaries to prevent such a thing?

The only plausible answer is that the government had an interest in preserving a false sense of security. Cement blockades may not be pretty but they stop vehicles from mowing down pedestrians. One would think that Niece might have taught them that.

On Sunday night, Ariana Grande and a selection of pop stars reappeared in Manchester.

We will ready ourselves for the inevitable backlash from the liberal set but we’re going to be blunt.

This was hardly the beautiful self sacrifice of celebrities overcome by love that the left purported it to be.

Let’s just be honest. Ariana Grande cancelled several events after the Manchester incident, which by the way, she handled poorly. A traumatized young woman doesn’t make a TMZ interview her first priority. Sorry folks, that’s just the cold hard truth. It takes a chilling level of ambition to pull a stunt like that. It was only hours later that someone on her team thought it wise to tweet out that emotional business about being broken.

Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus all have new albums that they need to promote. The Black Eyed Peas haven’t been heard from since Fergie married Josh Duhamel in 2009.

The media portrayed the collaborative concert as a glorious act of generosity. They fawned all over the stars who showed up. The accolades were nauseating.

It was such an extraordinary display of love.

Their heartfelt generosity raised 2.6 million dollars for the victims and their families and they sold out in 20 min.

Interesting. An auditorium of that size sold out in 20 minutes and that level of star power could only command $2.6 mil.?

No. Sorry, that doesn’t ring true.

Even if they gave free tickets to victims and their families, as advertised, that figure is way too low. Also, a significant number of grieving and recovering families felt that this was way too soon. The gross revenue should have far exceeded $ 2.6 million, unless of course you subtract travel, lodging and luxury expenses for each of the artists, which one would have assumed that they could have covered individually.

*As of Monday morning the number seems to have changed. It was updated to $13 million in one report. That sounds more reasonable.

Either way, there was something grotesque and exploitative about this event. That was magnified by the theme of the event which was essentially, love conquers hate.

Katy Perry actually stopped mid Hillary campaign song (roar) to ask everyone to touch the person next to them and say I love you.

We’ll spare you the nauseating blow by blow but suffice it to say that if you find yourself asking, ” where is the love?”, you’ll probably need to extend your quest beyond the nearest bottle of patchouli oil.

There are two aspects of this that really incensed us.

The first was the transparent effort to extract publicity from tragedy with the sycophantic praise of the people who are supposed to report the news.

The second is the very dangerous promotion of the idea that if we all just love each other, Isis will see the light and love us back.

They won’t.

We can’t tell if these morons believe that garbage or if they are working the crowd.

If the little girls were pleased, we are absolutely grateful. They endured an unforgettable nightmare. We begrudge them nothing. We are simply offended by the notion of celebrities seeking publicity for an event like this. They could have asked the press not to exploit the community’s pain. That would have been amazing.

The continued complaining about the Paris Accord

On Thursday, the president announced that the United States would withdraw from the international climate agreement.

The left was distraught and with a few exceptions, the right was pleased.

Democratic governors and mayors throughout the country vowed to carry on with their commitment to the accord in spite of the president.

Oh yeah, that’ll show him.

There was never any objection to individual states initiating their own environmental legislation. Republicans actually encourage that sort of thing.

The president didn’t want to be obligated to a poorly negotiated deal implemented by a previous administration. That’s reasonable. If the other nations refuse to negotiate on principal, their principles are the ones called into question. If exerting power over Donald Trump supersedes a desire to negotiate an amicable arrangement, then climate change isn’t really the priority, is it?

The irony of this entire uproar is that even with complete compliance from the entire planet, global warming will only be reduced by two tenths of a percent by 2100.

The more immediate issue is clearly pollution. Fish have become nearly toxic with their levels of mercury and other heavy metals. Try eating tuna fish salad every day for a few weeks and see what happens. You won’t be feeling so great and when you go to the doctor, you’ll be off fish for months. Grouper too, just for the record.

Mad cow, swine flu, bird flu, inedible cilantro poisoned by human waste and salmonella on melons are only a few of the potential hazards. How about plants being farmed in areas with tainted water?

For all of this noise about the plight of the planet, we haven’t heard a peep about how it is that anyone will live long enough to care.

Climate change may have captured the interest of the cool kids but less vapid folks have more pressing concerns.

The Comey hearing

The liberals may have shut down the Ringling brothers but they’re bringing a new circus to town.

At 10 am on Thursday morning, the show will begin.

James Comey, the recently ousted FBI director, will testify before congress in the highly anticipated, live performance of Revenge.

For some strange reason, democrats are suddenly singing his praises and promoting him as a man of unquestioned virtue.

One after another, throughout the weekend, they have been comparing his level of honor and trustworthiness to that of the president of the United States.

The guy that they have relentlessly blamed for tampering with the election, who met repeatedly with the president only to scurry back to the office and make secret notes in his telltale blackmail bible has suddenly become more reliable than the president?


There has been no secret made of the fact that he is exceedingly angry about having been fired. He has also testified repeatedly that there is no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians. He has further, stated on more than one occasion that he was never pressured to drop any investigations.

The sudden onslaught of leaks pertaining to his discomfort with the president due to inappropriate conduct, only started after he was relieved of his position. Most of Washington is of the opinion that Comey himself, has been orchestrating the leaks.

Comey has a checkered past when it comes to matters of overstepping the boundaries of his authority.

He did it with Bush. He did it with Hillary and Loretta Lynch under Obama and now he’s doing it with this administration.

Why would anyone accept the value of his word over that of the president?

Oh yeah, because they despise this president and are making a concerted effort to remove him from office before he removes them from the swamp.

This one isn’t a purely partisan battle. Plenty of republicans would be delighted to send the president packing.

They’ve proven to be a disloyal clan but they’re a profoundly self-interested pack of rats. If the market keeps rising and job numbers continue to increase they will put the kibosh on this Russian investigation faster than you can find Comey hiding in the curtains.

The chances are that nothing of any real significance will come to light this week but you can bet your bippy that it will be some grade A daytime television.

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