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The Prez, The Press, and The Propaganda

Mortal Kombat- DC

To the considerable irritation to much of the nation, the tenor of political reporting has recently shifted from D.C. diplomacy to D.C. comics.

While Trump is trying to form the Justice League, the democrats are obsessing over V for Vendetta.

As of now, the collective Teen Titans of the press are playing the role of the Joker and if these clowns don’t pull themselves together soon they may succeed in this Suicide Squad, taking the rest of us down with them.

We may have spent too much time with the computer geeks this weekend, but comic book references aside, the current state of affairs in the nation’s capital is rapidly approaching the theater of the absurd.

We get it. Donald J. Trump lacks the standard presidential polish. While that may be profoundly disturbing to much of the elitist media, it’s about time that they all sit themselves down for a good, long think.

The press has been so deeply embroiled in a philosophical struggle for the last eight years, that they have completely lost touch with reality.

Obama sold the concept of global integration as if it were a golden ticket, straight to Heaven for anyone who believed. Politicians and members of the media only had to push the message. They didn’t need to contend with any of the troublesome inconveniences that resulted from this abrupt adaptation of a progressive view of a utopian society.

How wonderful that the huddled masses could now enjoy the finer things.

Healthcare for everyone!


Subsidized education for all!


Equal pay and equal opportunity for anyone from anywhere, with guaranteed due process for any citizen of the world who feels that they’ve been treated unfairly by America!

Praise be…to our incredible generosity of spirit. God bless our goodness!

And that’s where the struggle comes into play.

Politicians have been peddling snake oil since the dawn of time. They are generally a disreputable lot, consumed with the quest for power. Democrats and Republicans have been equally corrupted by the shimmer of the crown, or in this case, the golden hues of the Oval Office.

Hollywood celebrities and powerful politicians have always enjoyed each other’s company. The powerful seek out glamour and the glamorous seek out power. Wall Street folks found themselves in the fray because everyone seeks out the money.

The press, however, has traditionally been excluded from the glitter and the glory. As unbiased observers whose job was essentially to ” speak truth to power” (everybody’s favorite new catch phrase), they were seen as a pesky nuisance and they were most certainly not invited to hob knob with elites.

It is precisely that framework that created much of the conflict between the press and power that has been so frequently alluded to lately.

That structure no longer exists though. Members of the press who gain enough national recognition, have been invited to join the ranks of the privileged few and the second that happens, their allegiances change.

No longer do they serve the interests of average Americans by holding a light to the dark dealings of the government. The fortunate few serve the interests of those in power, if they want to remain in good standing with their new fun friends.

The members of the media seem to be having some trouble acknowledging the fact that they made a deal with the devil, long ago. The Clintons were probably the first to openly court the press. Bill was good, make no mistake about it. You may think that the press was tough on them, but they weren’t nearly as harsh as they could have been.

Bill Clinton’s strategy was subtle, initially. He convinced people that he wasn’t just going to make America great again, oh yes, he used that expression regularly, but he was going to offer something more. His style was more like that of a southern Baptist preacher than a Washington bureaucrat. He was going to make us better people.

We would be more generous and more tolerant and our goodness would be reflected in improved quality of life for everyone.

Gore lacked the charisma to pull that off and he lost.

Bush was an old school republican and was uncomfortable with excessive familiarity with press people.

Then, along came Obama. He was cool. He was funny. He was inviting and he was black. He didn’t just give the media more access than ever before, he befriended them. He understood that as the first black president, he would enjoy a more tender touch from the press than his predecessors. Anyone who criticized him could be instantly discredited as a racist. Obama recognized the power of the press and he campaigned as much to them as he did to the public.

Somehow he managed to convince much of the mainstream media that their job description had changed. They were no longer going to speak truth to power, instead they would promote progressive policies for the good of the nation.

While they were all bathing in sunshine and light, dreaming of the promise of a utopian world in which everyone was equal and we all lived as one, plenty of average Americans were paying the price for the elite’s salvation.

They had reduced the quality of healthcare at higher rates.

They had stagnant wages.

They were the ones whose industries were shut down in order to make up for the excess environmental damage created by the toys of the wealthy.

When they expressed their unhappiness, the administration dismissed them as backwards, rednecks who were unfamiliar with hardship. The obvious message was that everyone must sacrifice for the greater good. The members of the press had been welcomed into the realm of people who were too busy implementing this new world order to be expected to give anything more.

The press pool that had once been comprised of regular people earning average wages had emerged into a cluster of highly compensated policy proponents desperately vying for the charmed ones’ attentions.

Trump threatened them and supporters threatened them and their new lifestyle. Trump has no interest in currying favor with a bunch of court jesters.

They aren’t a stupid lot. They saw the handwriting on the wall. Why do you think they were all so invested in a Hillary win? Why do you think they choked and cried and manufactured terms like, ” whitelash”?

They were being totally sincere when they said they were afraid. They were afraid of losing their status.

Now that President Trump is beginning to implement his agenda, reality is setting in. The dummies got too invested in the game and they backed the wrong horse. These new claims of the constitutional mandate for reverence of the fourth estate are a load of filthy fossil fuel.

Every single one of the Sunday morning shows was devoted to the White House’s war on the press, this week. Ever since the president’s rather hilarious down dressing of the media on Thursday, most recognizable reporters have joined the group tour, traveling around the bend.

They are horrified that the president would attempt to delegitimize them. If a single one of them had the decency to at least offer a conspiratorial wink at the camera, acknowledging the audacity of such a remark, it might be amusing.

They aren’t kidding though.

Members of the media have become so consumed with their cathartic episodes of prolonged emoting that they no longer report the news. Worse than that, they seem obsessed with the idea of taking Trump down.

Any and all respect for the office of the presidency or the will of the people has been cast aside. When Trump referred to the press as the enemy of the American people, he wasn’t entirely wrong. The press is irate. They are in a state of utter disbelief that their best efforts failed. They never thought that the public would catch on to their ploys.

Chris Cuomo thought that he was just as clever as a fox when he announced that it was illegal to try to download any of the Wikileaks. Not a one of the Clinton stooges could have imagined being exposed for manipulating debates and news reports to her advantage. They still seem stunned by the fact that their credibility has come into question.

Perhaps that explains their recent behavior. Even if it does explain it, it does not excuse it. There has been quite enough of this nonsense already. The papers that publish unsubstantiated rumors as fact need to be prosecuted. If 9 secret informants violated espionage laws in order to provide the New York Times with a salacious story, they should expect to face jail time, as should any media outlets and individuals involved in trafficking in classified information. Reporters who slander members of the first family or the administration should be fired and subjected to civil liability and newspapers that publish private membership lists of clubs like Mara Lago that were established long before Trump was even a political candidate, should be subjected to heavy penalties in addition to civil liability.

Unfortunately, we can’t clean house in the news rooms the way we did in the government. What we can and must do though, is correct the current misunderstanding of the meanings freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

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