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houston police officer drowns

For all of those who’ve made a habit of questioning who we are, now you know.

Hurricane Harvey has absolutely devastated the gulf coast of Texas.

Countless numbers of people have lost their homes and all of their belongings. Some have lost their lives.
Police Sgt. Steve Perez, served the Houston area honorably for 34 years. He was just days away from his 61st birthday. He had every reason to stay home on Monday. The rising water was deadly. Both his wife and his father encouraged him to take the day off because the conditions were so dangerous.

Sgt. Perez told them with certainty that he needed to help people and that there was much work to be done.

On his way to save lives, Sgt. Steve Perez drove through an unexpectedly deep rush of water and drowned.
His wife is devastated but took comfort from the words of Houston police chief Art Acevedo. He addressed the nation with tear filled eyes as he spoke of her strength and sacrifice. He said that he had reminded her that her husband died a hero, in service to others and that he would be proud to have died so honorably. With that, he said, she smiled.
It was both heartbreaking and deeply inspiring.

Eight others have died as well.

Texans are resilient though and their loyalty is fierce. There will be a time for mourning and dealing with loss. That time just can’t be now.

They have been focused exclusively on group survival. People came from all over the state with boats, jet skis, monster trucks and any other kind of make shift flotation device to enable them to rescue those who were trapped by the floods.

Until today, most of them probably never thought of themselves as heroes. Many of them probably still don’t.

These people weren’t looking for fame or recognition. They were acting on instinct. They are Americans and they represent the best of us.

We help each other.

We save each other.

We protect each other and we do these things because down deep, we love each other as members of our united nation of states.

Texas has provided enormous facilities for temporary shelter.

Citizens from around the country are sending donations.

Brand new shoes and clothing have been sent to the Houston convention center which is currently housing over 9,000 people who have been displaced.

Doctors and nurses are donating their time and are on hand in significant numbers, which is especially helpful since it would seem that the stress of this situation has put a disproportionate number of pregnant women into labor.

The President and First Lady visited the state on Tuesday. Not only did they provide moral support and comfort, president Trump made streamlining all federal assistance a priority.

What the jackals of the media still have yet to comprehend is that the people who make up the majority of this country don’t draw artificial boundaries based on ethnicity, religion or political theory.

When things get tough, we stick together.

So, let this serve as a lesson for the scoundrels seeking to divide and conquer.

You will continue to lose. Americans are stronger than you know.

If you’d like to make a donation go to Redcross.org


Text Harvey to 90999 

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