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Donald Trump drops out of Paris Deal

There are a few issues that honestly cause us confusion. We are asking these questions with respect and a desire to understand your position. We began the 2016 election cycle from a truly neutral position. To our considerable irritation, our objectivity is being imperiled by an endless succession of outlandish stunts and absurd commentary by those who represent the left.

Let’s start from the beginning.

How did you come to equate that idiotic birther business with racism and why does no one hold the 2008 Clinton campaign responsible for creating the controversy?

Here’s our issue.

Anyone with the most rudimentary understanding of American law and rules about citizenship knows full well that it doesn’t matter where a child is born if his/ her mother is American.

Whether or not Barack Obama was born in Kenya is totally irrelevant. Who cares where he was born? His mother was American, therefore he is American.

It’s stupid not racist.

If the whole source of the upset is that the named fictitious country of origin was Kenya, why agree to participate in foolishness?

This subject comes up on a regular basis even now and it is intended to incite racial division. If democrats believe that we are stronger together, why purposely divide us?

Also, a cursory investigation into the origin of this birther controversy, clearly indicates that it began with Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign. Sidney Blumenthal thought that it would be a good way to strike out at Hillary’s competition. Wouldn’t that make him the racist? How did this subject which originated with her campaign suddenly morph into the go to evidence of Trump’s racism? If her guy started it, doesn’t it bother you that she’s suddenly playing the offended ingenue?

The genesis of much of the anti- Trump sentiment is the fact that his association with the birther movement has branded him a bigot. It’s far more likely that he saw how much the subject bugged Obama and kept bringing it up to push the guy’s buttons. Here’s another question. Why on earth would president Obama allow something so absurd to get under his skin the way this did? Is he actually the one with the thin skin?

Is the absolute refusal to participate in the repeal and replacement of Obamacare based on loyalty to the man or belief in the policy?

If your answer is belief in the policy, we have a follow up question.

Have you actually read it?

President Obama’s healthcare legacy is not confined by the strict parameters of a flawed bill that was rammed through the house late one Christmas Eve, exclusively because the democrats controlled the house and Nancy Pelosi controlled them.

Doesn’t that image diminish the man and his achievement?

The real accomplishment was his ability to create the foundation for a nationally recognized system of guaranteed healthcare that has become an expected right.

Why would you not want to work with republicans to make the plan work? Why would you care if the name changes? History will credit Obama with instituting nationalized health care. That might turn into a successful element of a proud legacy. Alternatively, if left as is, it might be remembered as just another one of the overly ambitious vanity projects of a narcissistic president, so consumed with his legacy that he failed to commit himself to creating anything sustainable.

What is the goal of the resistance movement?

If you succeed in the plan to impeach Trump, have you given any thought to the repercussions?

Do you think you’ll like Pence more? Doubtful. He really is a true conservative.

Rumor has it that you’re planning to discredit Pence too. That’s fine but then what?

Then Paul Ryan becomes president and good luck with that. He comes across as sincere, loyal and dutiful. That one will woo the ladies in no time flat. He’s young and attractive and he’s developed a solid political network. Not only would he stick around for the full time but he’d make Obama’s post presidential land mines look like child’s play. Ryan doesn’t give a hoot about the limelight. He’s a policy wonk. Plus, he would slash entitlements in order to balance the budget without giving it a second thought. Social security- cut back

Medicare- cut back

Medicaid – cut back

Food stamps and welfare- limited time only with harsh stipulations. You must work. Mandatory drug and alcohol testing. No luxury purchases.

National endowment for the arts- bye bye You get the picture.

In all honesty, republicans all throughout Washington were hoping to parachute Paul Ryan in at the last minute anyway. You’d be doing them a favor.

This is a serious question. Do you guys really believe the things you say?

It seems like you preach love but practice hate. You can’t be oblivious to the violent protests or the college campuses that won’t tolerate free speech. You talk about equality and extoll phrases like, Love Trumps Hate but the unity that you encourage is only extended to certain groups of people. Even more confusing is that those groups of people are categorized by race, nationality, sexual orientation or gender. Your most recent presidential candidate committed herself to speaking to white people about their privilege and getting them to adjust their behavior. That doesn’t sound like everyone is equal. It sounds more like she needed to get her people to show some humility in order to sure up the minority vote. How is that not universally offensive? Are minorities supposed to be comforted by the fact that an elderly and extraordinarily privileged white woman promised to admonish people like her about being more generous? Does that not seem totally condescending? That particular refrain was actually aimed at relatively privileged white people under 35, in order to elicit guilt. The message was loud and clear. Those poor mistreated minority folks can’t pull themselves together. Their collective history has left them with almost no chance for success. You powerful and important people need to be nicer and right before the election, we’ll need to throw them a bone. Maybe we will blatantly ignore the violence at their next little uprising. None of our people will be there, only those unseemly white trash Trump supporters will be targeted. It will be just like the roman coliseum. Make sure that it gets full press coverage.

We may have exaggerated a bit to make our point but only slightly.

The intentional racial division has been pretty blatant and we can not understand why it doesn’t bother you.

Do you hate Trump enough to trust Comey?

Assuming that you believe that he irreparably damaged Hillary, are you now willing to befriend and support him? Counting on the testimony of a guy who’s behavior is motivated by ego and a carefully projected image, who’s already burned you twice doesn’t feel sort of chancy?

If it turns out that the Obama administration really was spying on republican candidates and unmasking and leaking their names, will you care?

Will you excuse it? What would it take for you to withdraw your support for the various investigations? You do realize that the special investigation is funded by tax payers don’t you?

Democratic legislators are trying to dismiss the issues of illegal surveillance and inappropriate unmasking as diversions. Is that acceptable to you? If so, are you willing to set that precedent? Are you not worried that the next democratic president may endure the same treatment? Did you not experience discomfort as the republicans used Harry Reid’s nuclear rules against you in order to unilaterally confirm Neil Gorsuch?

Are you guys seriously cheering for Angela Merkel as she gives the president of the United States a hard time?

Do you have any real understanding of the Paris accord?

Do you realize that it is an extraordinarily costly plan for the United States that pays American dollars to countries with no incentive to comply with any ecological changes? Did you know that we have already greatly reduced our carbon footprint and have committed to continue efforts on that front having nothing to do with the Paris accord? Naturally you knew that although we would be amongst the biggest financial contributors to this rather ineffectual project, (less than .2 degrees in reduced heat after ten years if and only if every single country complies completely), we would relinquish all control and authority to Belgium. And by the way, if Europe is so committed to the cause why would they prefer to let a country as large as the United States walk away rather than negotiate? Could it be that for them power trumps concern for the planet?

We heard people interviewed today who said that they found the president’s comment about being the leader of Pittsburgh as opposed to Paris, dark and troubling. One woman became irate. She was appalled by the implication that the president of the United States would make a distinction between his obligations to the citizens of Pittsburgh and his obligations citizens of the world.

You don’t actually support that sentiment do you? Even if you like the sentiment, you recognize that it is totally impractical, right?

Would you have preferred that rather than being forthright about his position on the Paris accord, president Trump had misrepresented his intentions, glad handed the other attendees at the G-7 summit, only to be later exposed as a liar unworthy of allies trust?

Did the difficulties with Britain’s  MI-5 after the leaks about the Ariana Grande concert bombing leave no impression on you?

Blaming Trump for your every grievance will start to seem foolish at some point. You may not have voted for him. You might even find yourself utterly perplexed by the reality of his presidency. You are going to need to accept the situation. Then you’ll need to figure out who you want to be.

You can choose to indulge yourself in a series of power games with the intention of defending the  values artificially assigned to you by a political party even though they don’t  seem to make much sense or you can decide to participate in a productive way. If you actually do value unity and respect for others, why not make an effort to demonstrate those values?

The best example of tolerance and unity would be to work with the republicans that you seem to find so loathsome, in an attempt to improve the lives of American citizens across the nation.

Doesn’t that sound like a more rewarding goal than endlessly lashing out over a lost election?

We had to ask.

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