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The Real News Of The Weekend… and it’s not about Trump

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The democrats are far more clever than one might currently suppose. They aren’t simply licking their wounds and belly aching. At least, the smart ones aren’t. 

How fortunate that the party that was so soundly defeated last week, can still count on distracted minions to foolishly carry on over a bunch of spoon fed fluff.

The protests continue but at this point even the hypersensitive media folks are over it. They have really stopped covering such things. The morbid curiosity has been starved to death by riot fatigue. Sorry kids, classes will resume on Monday.

There was some effort to create a ” movement ” in which the electoral college would rewrite history and declare a Clinton victory. That was mildly interesting although, ill conceived.

Saturday Night Live and Broadway “pivoted” to a full assault on Pence this week. That wasn’t even interesting. It was just lame.

The pundits on the various ” news” broadcasts have been on a continuous loop of perpetual outrage. Now they can’t believe that Trump went to dinner without them. The bracelet incident caused industry wide hyperventilation. Thank God they could go back to the all familiar refrain of bigotry on Friday with the Jeff Sessions announcement. For all of the affectation and pearl clutching though, the allegations of racism seem to have been somewhat misleading. What a shocking development! His record over the last 30 years belies the bed time stories of he and all of his besties in the KKK hanging out on long weekends. In fact, some of the most liberal folks in the country are starting to become more than a bit aggravated by the tactic of diminishing the nature of true racism by casting wild and unfounded aspersions upon every republican with a first and last name.

Maybe it was the Hamilton business that threw it over the top. A Broadway show with a casting call specifically excluding anyone white from auditioning is on shaky moral ground when lecturing the incoming Vice President about inclusion. They unwittingly sullied the picture further when they thought it clever to deliver that lecture in an enclosed theater in front of his family. They have since categorized the incident as

a “conversation” Now that is just confusing. A conversation is an exchange between two or more parties. If one guy is down-dressing another guy from a stage, with a microphone, while the other guy remains silent, how is that a conversation? Maybe it’s a theatrical term.

The galvanizing of disappointed Dems around the race baiting and carrying on about misogyny is on a precipitous plummet for the majority of Americans. That isn’t because they don’t care about the perpetuation of hate. Quite the opposite, it’s precisely because they do and party provocation artists like Kieth Ellison, who’d like to take Nancy Pelosi’s job and the Hamilton clan, have no leg on which to stand. Rep. Ellison has spent far too much quality time with Lois Farrakhan to be calling anyone an antisemite.

Terms like ” Whitelash” took it all too far and the more savvy Dems are done.

They understand that some part of their overwhelming loss was due to the ‘backlash’ from this completely preposterous campaign style.

Chuck Schumer has a new plan. The maenads like Martha Raddich, opened their Sunday morning “news” shows with lines like, “Like a well-crafted reality show, the Trump transition is shifting scenes.”  She continued her snide tone as she implied a level of impropriety in the choice of a New Jersey location for the team’s weekend interviews.

Schumer avoided the majority of the petty silliness. He slipped up once with the, ‘ well, we won the popular vote’ drivel. It’s intentionally misleading and they all know it. Worse yet, it’s insulting to the democratic base. Anyone who understands the nature of the electoral process knows that in fact, the republicans begin at a distinct numerical disadvantage because of the way the system has been set up. Campaigning is predicated on that system. Both sides know it and both sides decided to compete for the required number of electoral votes. The rest is just more manipulation.

Schumer is taking an entirely different tact and it’s rather impressive. He was very subtle but he essentially waved the white flag in terms of the character assaults on the Trump transition team.

He was intentionally indirect but he implied that as the new minority leader, he would discourage the Dems from pushing too hard on holding up the cabinet confirmations.

For all of the stink about disapproval of Mike Flynn, Schumer understands that it’s a moot point. The senate doesn’t need to confirm a national security adviser appointment. Schumer has his eyes on the prize.

He cares about two things only. The Supreme Court and the Democratic agenda. There isn’t a thing they can do about taking back majorities in either the house or the senate for at least two years. The protracted whining only weakens the party.

Instead, Schumer is trying to change the narrative.

He test marketed the new advertising style on every single one of the Sunday shows. Rather than portraying Trump as an egomaniacal nut who campaigned on hate, Schumer is suggesting that Donald Trump was just a better salesman of much of the progressive agenda.

The implication that Trump deceived the GOP, is good for reinvigorating the chaos within the Republican Party. It’s early for that tactic but he’s sowing the seeds. The message to Obama supporters who voted for Trump is conciliatory. ” We aren’t mad. We know that you aren’t really a basket of deplorables. We didn’t talk to you directly enough about jobs. Our bad. ” He needs to bring them back into the fold and Schumer has the presence of mind to know that shaming them won’t get the job done.

The best part was when he “challenged ” Trump to keep his progressive promises to the blue collar workers as he vowed to remain their self-appointed watchdog. That stunt was designed to reestablish a place of political relevance to a party that just had its clock cleaned. It still bears the pungent aroma of elitist condescension but he accented it with enough outrage about the potential for tricks up various republican sleeves that he was hoping to throw the public off the scent.

This new programming is still in its infancy but with some tweaking, Schumer could be onto an effective style of communication. Hopefully, between the holidays and entertainers with an inability to realistically assess the value of their two cents, Schumer will have enough distraction time in order to roll out the fine-tuned version in time for the inauguration.

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