Our Requests for The New Year


News correspondents who don’t understand the “new cool phrases” that proficient speakers of the English language use, should please stop proliferating their ignorance.

Writ large, for example does not mean, everybody.

It does not mean ‘the public at large’.

It means obvious.

Some jack ass used the term incorrectly, on air one day and all of his little cohorts thought that they would sound smart if they used it too.

Now, it’s the expression of the day.

The issue is that there seems to be a very serious absence of linguistic skill amongst the current on-air news ‘talent’, from whom we sadly derive many of our own linguistic cues.

One guy says apoplectic, and they all say it, ad nauseum. Either they believe that everyone who engages in political disagreement lately, is filled with uncontrollable rage or they think that half of the hill is in the midst of a stroke.

Ditto for bellicose and unprecedented. Warlike? Really? Tiresome.

Every single military position with some tooth to it, can’t be bellicose. There are gradations that should be observed by News correspondents and if everything having to do with President Trump is unprecedented, there must have been a confounding lack of imagination up until now.

Is everything related to this administration really new, unheard of and unique? If so then the constant comparisons to Nixon and Hitler would be inconsistent, would they not?

The hyperbolic, histrionic, redundant, language used by tv news members who frequently mispronounce the very words intended to convey their superior intellect, could entirely disappear in 2018 and we would not be the least bit saddened. In fact, we’ve held on to an extra New Year’s noise maker as a celebratory accoutrement, just in case our wish comes true.

Can we please dispense with the excessively salivated, red faced, howling about impeachment?

That too, has grown tiresome.

Children who continuously threw fits about the same issue, in which they wouldn’t get their way, used to be given a time out.

None of the whiner 49ers on the hill are so youthful as to have forgotten that. Let’s be honest. The folks leading the Democratic Party have more in common with Methuselah than the helicopter parents of today.

They know perfectly well that this kind of obstinate resistance and pouting is completely unacceptable behavior. It’s particularly unattractive coming from a group of old school types who would have spanked their own children for such comportment.

Maybe they think that the resist, desist and make a complete pain in the ass out of yourself routine will buy them votes in the midterm elections. If so, any democrats with a lick of sense should be seriously put out.

Trump has offered a rather unique attempt to compromise. He started off as a democrat. He switched parties but has remained a centrist in many ways. All these dummies had to do was negotiate, achieve a few objectives and run as moderates and they would have won back the majority. Now they want to predicate this year’s “Big Blue Tidal Wave” on having divided the country.

We were under the impression that democrats can’t abide hatred. Isn’t that their whole platform?

Their disdain for the president and his supporters is too much already. We look forward to a new year in which the disenchanted New World Order types pull themselves together and realize that if America First is what the people want, that’s okay. No one wants war or chaos but perhaps Obama went too far and the pendulum is just swinging back to center. If the democrats really wanted the socialistic policies that they continue to lean towards, maybe their anger is more appropriately directed at those who cheated Bernie Sanders out of a shot at the presidency.

What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

Fine, carry on with the Trump/ Russian probe. If the president had any sort of treasonous encounters with Mother Russia and there’s proof, waft it off the rafters like bloodied bridal sheets, for all to see. So far, however, it’s not looking as if he bares any culpability.

Every political up and comer manages to bring around a bundle full of bandits, looking to cash in on potential power. When the president found out about the various misdeeds of those looking to feed off of his growing acclaim, against the interest of the American public, he made himself quite clear. He served them up like St. John the Baptist, platter and all.

His message was simple. If anyone behaved illegally, prosecute them.

That message has not been replicated by the lovelies on the left.

‘The poor woman lost. Isn’t that enough?’

‘Mrs. Clinton is just a retired grandmother. Leave her alone. ‘

‘This is so unseemly. Only in banana republics do the political leaders try to indict their failed opponents’

Enough already with the skin crawling, bile inducing, attempts to convey wide eyed confusion as to What Happened.  We all know what happened. He won. She lost and democrats feel cheated.

It’s not because they earned the win but because it was owed to her.

How strange that so much of their rhetoric is devoted to the issue of unfair entitlement?
Our wish for the new year is that they shut it up, suck it up and try to remember that elected officials serve the country, not the loudest faction of angry extremists.

The Russian probe was Hillary’s idea. It was intended to negate the election results. The genesis of this stupidity was thoroughly detailed in the book, written by her protagonists, Shattered.

FYI, she was the one who first ginned up the birther talk in 2008, when Barack Obama took her promised slot, too.

No, my pretties, not fake news. Do your homework.

That Hillary is one vindictive piece of business and she’s a terrible looser.

Time to start equally thorough investigations into all things Clinton.

Initially, we objected to that but enough is enough.

This high and mighty routine from the entire cast of characters who aligned themselves with and profited from the support of the Clinton crew has antagonized us. As they attempt to distance themselves from the Clintons, the Dems all keep in line.

Cory Booker

Kirsten Gillibrand 

Joe Biden

Elizebeth Warren (ok, not always a big fan but she sure went all in on that nasty woman routine, didn’t she?)

Even Bernie Sanders was willing to suck it up when he thought she’d win. 

They would all like to discourage any investigations because Lord knows there’s plenty of dirty laundry and the Clintons are still a fearsome duo.

Let’s just see what happens.

Our bet is that the first ones to throw the Clinton clan under the bus, go down in flames.

Will that deter the others? We shall see.

There has clearly been some nefarious behavior taking place under the Obama umbrella and as the first black president, no one wants to touch him either.

Here’s what we’d like in the new year, the honesty to provide us all with equal access to any evidence of corruption, collusion or tampering with justice, regardless of party affiliation.

Anything less demeans us all.

Most of all, we would sincerely appreciate it if poorly educated celebrities would stop trying to impose their political misunderstandings upon the nation with that excess of disposable income that we provided to them.

For the love of God, the last project that Alyssa Milano was involved with was called Mistresses. That delightful summer frivolity was devoted to the much-needed compassion owed to those wholesome women formerly known as adulteresses.  One might reasonably conclude that the choice to participate in that special project would preclude her from pontificating about moral superiority.

Rosie O’Donnell has openly mocked the president’s youngest child. Again, not a place from which to claim the moral high ground.

Chelsea Handler has done some truly offensive, mean spirited parodies of all of the women who work at the White House. Go girls?

Not so in keeping with the woman’s march, honey.

Oh, we beg your pardon. That little beauty of a gathering was run by another bunch of anti-feminist, feminists.

Don’t believe in abortion? No pink hat for you, lady.

Linda Sarsour who was a major organizer and has ascended to tremendous media prominence as a result, would like the lovely ladies of America to succumb to sharia law. Oh, and by the way, if you are a female who objects to that notion, she has openly asserted that you should have your vagina removed. (seriously, no kidding)

She must be super fun at a party. She’s such a delight.

Hey girls. It’s Saturday night! Hysterectomies for any woman who steps out of line with the New Democratic agenda. Yay!

The celebrity women aren’t alone. The moderately intelligent late-night comedians seem to be under the impression that their political musings are worth a kings ransom too.

They certainly get paid a disproportionate amount of the nation’s wealth yet, although they understand that their celebrity and cash flow provides them a political platform, very few seem able to comprehend the issues they address on their various soap boxes.

Either study your next script or study the constitution, people. It’s one or the other.

The same goes for the savant types like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban and the rest.

Being a great computer programmer doesn’t make you a great politician or leader. In fact, it generally means that you’ve been socially awkward, out of touch with societal norms and now want to assert your perceived power upon others. In other words, that makes you a bit of a douche with a superiority complex. The funniest part of that equation is that, it is the exact hypothesis that these people use to delegitimize Trump.

In the new year, we would really love it if those who choose to throw their hats into the political ring know a smidgen about political issues. Donald Trump actually did. He had been a political pundit for years. You may not like his conclusions but he did spend time on his analysis.

A little cooperation and civility is really all that we ask. Wouldn’t that make for a wonderful new year?

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