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President Donald J Trump

If you’re of the delicate variety or worse yet, if you’re a democrat, you’d better grab your pearls because it’s clutching time.

Last week was action packed and sensitive souls are reeling.

Not Nancy Pelosi, of course. That devil of a diva was on Fox News, of all places, singing her own praises and thanking Chris Wallace for being a… prepare yourselves…”guardian of our democracy, the press.”

Oh, yes siree, it was quite a week. Just for the record, Miss Nancy was adorned in sparkles at the time. How’s that for an anorexic’s aperitif?

She was hocking their latest iteration of the same old thing. This version is entitled A Better Deal.

Better jobs, better wages, better future.

Better not count on it.

Shifty and Schumer didn’t even try to sell that snake oil on the Sunday shows and those two love the cameras more than their own mothers. They let MiNerva handle that one all on her own.

You know what would be a better deal? A group of elected officials who devoted their time to something slightly more productive than contrived resistance.

Another One Bites The Dust

Priebus is out and Kelly is in. After the ousting of Spicer, Scaramucci was still thirsty for blood and he placed his goblet just under Reince’s carotid.

He unleashed a vicious tirade to New York magazine about a Priebus propensity for leaking.

The press has inaccurately described it as X rated. Apparently, those folks don’t get out to the movies. It was your standard R rated talk.

It was rude and it was crude but for all of the shock and awe that we’ve been subjected to, one would think he said it to a nun…on Easter morning.

We happen to know for a fact that plenty of self-righteously stunned are no strangers to salty language when the camera’s off.

General John Kelly will assume the role of chief of staff on Monday morning.

Here’s the tasty tid bit.

President Trump has been razzing Jeff Sessions for a while on the tweet turf. Kelly is vacating the spot as head of homeland security. Firing Sessions is not a politically wise option but swapping him over to DHS and finding a replacement attorney general might just be the lucky charm. Tricks aren’t exclusively for kids, my pretties.

The Maverick Made His Mark.

Was it because the thing was being referenced by a term as repulsive as the skinny deal? Could it have been a way to flip a final bird at Trump? Maybe it was a noble gesture to save his brethren from a bad bill.

Don’t know. Don’t care.

He single-handedly crushed GOP efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare.

John McCain left everyone hanging until after 1 in the morning. It looked as if there was about to be a Trump triumph. The plan to replace Obamacare had yet to be hashed out but the republicans would have effectively put the kibosh on that progressive plan for a single payer healthcare system. (aka, nationalized medicine) Collins and Murkowski were always a no go. Maybe Murkowski could have been cajoled but Collins was a solid diet.  The Dems love that Russian talk. That little tootsie teeters to the left. At some point she may need to switch her team sweater from red to blue.

Two no votes could have been overcome. The bill would have passed with the extra vote from the Vice President. If McCain wanted to shut it down all he had to do was stay home. No one would have blamed him. The poor guy just had surgery and was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. The media can gloss that story up like a street walker’s lips all day long but the sad reality is that the guy’s a goner.

We know it and he knows it. The question is, why make the effort to fly to D.C., keep everybody guessing about this bill and then skulk out in the wee hours of the night only to offer up a slick thumbs down to the tally taker?

Up Chuck and crew could hardly restrain themselves. He did some kind of perfunctory motion to indicate that the hooting and hollering should be taken down to a dull roar, as if he had suddenly morphed into a gentleman but we all know that’s a ripe pile of dung. He was chittering away with that horrific toothy grin of his in no time flat. The sight of that combined with the dangling bifocals provided us with an ocular migraine for hours. Be grateful if you missed it.

The press was tickled pink. They were falling all over themselves to come up with clever expressions about the president’s perceived failure.

Typically, he took to Twitter.

Guess who isn’t feeling so smug anymore. The members of congress that are about to be relegated to the joys of that Obamacare business that they were so enamored with.

Sayonara special hill healthcare plans.

Now that’s rich.

It should go without saying that despite the fact that we aren’t especially appreciative of McCain’s stunt, we wish him well.

The Side Show Attractions

The president spoke before the Boy Scout jamboree and a group of police officers last week.

Naturally, he managed to incite further rage in the press and the Dems. He spoke of politics in front of the Boy Scouts.

Heaven forbid!

Then he told a good one in front of the police. He said, complete with Trump styled gestures, that if they caught a murderer from MS-13 (the brutal gang), maybe they didn’t need to be so concerned with providing the protective hand to the head to shield them from a bump as they enter the police car. It was a full-blown knee slapper. Of course, the buttercups portrayed it as a presidential call for police brutality.


Finally, Trump tweeted indelicately about transgender people in the military. We took it lightly. We did not assume, like the more sensitive Sallys, that it was meant as an affront to all members of the LGTBQ community. In all likelihood, it was his rather awkward way of trying to support the troops. The subject of transgender people serving in the armed forces is yet another scabby sore left over from the last guy. He made a big deal out of something that wasn’t an issue before. Anyone who serves with dignity and honor is a welcome asset to our military. Anyone who causes distraction or dissent on the field of operation is a problem.

The truth of the matter is that you could bump into a transgender person head on and never know that they were any different from any other clown that wasn’t watching where they were going. Those folks have served with distinction for years. No one squawked about it because it was an issue of privacy. If you can do your job well, no one cares.

So which is more problematic? The guy who made a concerted effort to divide everybody into separate factions with special needs or the guy addresses the division clumsily? If the whirling dervishes of the left are correct, transgender participation in the military has been no problem for years. So why did they decide to make it one?

And there you go. Down and dirty as always. Let’s see what this week brings. If nothing else, it’s sure to be entertaining.

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