Shocking Sound Bites

We aren’t really shocked by much. We’ve been around the block and we’ve seen the town.

Lately however, we have been treated to some absolutely astonishing “news”.

We should probably be more surprised by the fact that formerly legitimate news sources are peddling  outrageously biased, partisan talking points as if they are neutral, verifiable facts.

Have journalistic ethics gone by the wayside or is this the kind of spoon fed cow manure that the market currently demands?

It’s hard to believe that the public is really in favor of having a small cadre of extraordinarily privileged, sanctimonious, court jesters with wildly exaggerated senses of their own importance, selectively presenting the information that they use to help form the country’s opinions.

Maybe we’re old fashioned. We enjoy having the news presented factually and without the spin of some fool, hired primarily for their visual appeal, adding a gratuitous two- cent bonus.


Let’s start with the promotional ads that the 3 main cable news channels run.

Fox News- fair and balanced

Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch but we’re all in on the sentiment. Prior to the 2016 election cycle, they were still making a concerted effort to present the news in an unbiased way. Only the commentators offered opinions and political perspective. More often than not, the view was from the right but there was and still is, some variety.

In the aftermath of the election, the primetime hosts have tended to dispense with any subtleties. They are openly and boldly conservative. ‘The 5’ offers one seat to a relatively moderate democrat who is frequently made to appear somewhat manic. Tucker and Hannity don’t bother with pretense. They are both aggressive in their positions and have little tolerance for leftist extremism. Fair enough. You know what you are getting within the first 90 seconds.

CNN- Now more than ever, our mission is clear.

Um… what mission might that be?

We are pretty sure that the mission in question isn’t the imperative of unbiased reporting. That was evidenced by the thirty seconds of footage that precede the tag line. It’s a compilation of one anchor after another posing leading questions with a hostile take on the president. For example, the once acclaimed reporter, Wolf Blitzer asks Sean Spicer if he’s aware of the fact that he has a credibility problem right before they cut to the slogan.

Come on now.

That’s followed by a giant screen shot of Comey with the words FIRED NOT SILENCED? Yes, all caps and in bold print.

MSNBC , to their credit, is direct.

This is who we are.

If your station’s call line is lifted straight out of Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan booklet, you’ve said it all.

Monday was a relatively slow news day. Apart from the terrorist attack in London, there wasn’t much going on. News outlets are saving their energy for the Comey hearings on Thursday but even more than nature, the press abhors a vacuum.

Hence, the shocking sound bites.

Morning Joe is at it again.

For the past several mornings, they have devoted more than their average allotment of time to Trump trashing and taken a new tone.

The cast of Morning Joe, we use the word cast in acknowledgment of the fact that the participants are performers not reporters, have begun to confuse themselves with medical professionals. Joe Scarborough repeated frequently throughout the entirety of Tuesday’s show that Trump is not well. That was followed by rampant speculation about various mental illnesses by the entire panel.

CNN and friends have lost all civility.

One anchor, Reza Aslan, tweeted that the president is a piece of s**t. No apology has been issued and there has been no action taken on the part of CNN. Another reporter expressed a desire to see Lara Trump suffer a miscarriage, as the world would be spared another Trump. Again, there has been no attempt to apologize that we could find, not that such an apology would suffice. The media is completely out of control and they have forsaken all decency.

CNN was also caught staging a fake protest. They directed the actors and demonstrated how to hold signs to maximum effect.

One of the London attackers starred in a British reality show entitled, The Jihadis Next Door, for nearly a year. They openly displayed the Isis flag in the park and made their intentions clear. The participants in the show and the film crew have never been interviewed by police. There was ample warning that at least 2 of the attackers were predisposed to acts of terrorism. Very few people are willing to address that issue at all.

The favorite phrase being used on every station now is, “break out the popcorn.”

The press is terribly excited for the Comey testimony. The fact that they are openly clamoring for information that can be used to impeach the president would belie any representations of integrity in reporting. One might even conclude that if the media is serving as a body of political activism, perhaps the rules regarding the forth estate might need to be reviewed.

For example, printing classified material without sources on a regular basis, should be subject to intense scrutiny. The concept of honor in refusing to name sources was intended to protect the integrity of the process. Reporters and their sources were understood to be in risk of danger or unfair penalty for having done the good work of exposing crime and injustice. That standard was never designed to support a political agenda that exposes the entire nation to real threat. Nor has it ever been used to allow a venue for members of intelligence agencies to violate the law and their oaths. The exposure of classified intelligence has been publicly proven to seriously damage national interests and imperil intelligence agents stationed abroad. If news outlets lack the judgement to determine which information should be considered too sensitive to air because they have been politically corrupted and report in service of an agenda, it will become the responsibility of the government to impose regulations. Much as they will resent that concept, the media has created this unfortunate situation.

The New York Times printed the name of the new  head of the CIA team posted in Iran. How they came by the name remains a mystery. The hazards of publicizing his name are far less mysterious. Iran has murdered CIA agents before. Anyone who meets with this person is in grave jeopardy. His family is now at risk. There was absolutely no reason to print this information other than to prove that the writer had a friend in the CIA who was willing to commit an act of treason in order to maintain the flow of classified information that discredits the administration. They don’t seem to understand that this new pattern of conduct doesn’t reflect nearly as badly on the president as it does on the agencies that they are ” trying to protect” from him.

Finally, reporters across the airwaves are suggesting that the president would like to encourage a terror attack on U.S. soil.

The evidence of that is that he criticized the mayor of London. The mayor happens to be Muslim. Criticism of Muslims is intolerable to the left. They are a specially identified class. The interesting duplicity of providing members of a certain religion with class protection that extends to questioning of dubious behavior, is that it furthers any social separation. It also creates a buffer from prying eyes and nosy neighbors when a person is preparing for the commission of a crime.

The president and mayor Kahn have a long standing combative relationship. The mayor is no innocent victim. He has a checkered past which we elaborated when he was elected. He has taken a laissez fair approach to battling terror and Trump pointed that out. The timing was less than ideal this time but the sentiment wasn’t way off base.

Truth be told, we aren’t really shocked by any of this outlandish behavior on the part of the media. We are annoyed. If the press wants to maintain its special status as the much lauded forth estate, they had better start to shape up and soon.


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