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There were a handful of hot topics last week. Actually, the bulk of the topics were lukewarm at best.

The onslaught of overheated, sweaty, publicity seekers, feverishly taking to every mic remaining in the D.C. area was the spoonful of siracha that spiced things up.


Stephen Miller reemerged last week to explain newly proposed immigration policy.

Poor Stephen has been locked away like one of the flowers in the attic for months. His press conferences regarding the challenges to the travel ban were considered to be too abrasive.
The problem wasn’t really his level of aggression, it was that he expressed himself poorly. Rather than explaining why the travel restrictions were valid, he said things like, the president’s authority will not be challenged.

Stephen has been studious. This time he was prepared.

He marched himself up to the White House press conference podium, brimming with confidence. He then explained the basics of the new green card policy.

Applications will be prioritized based on a point system.

Can the applicant speak English?

Does the applicant have a marketable skill?

Can he or she be financially self-sufficient?

There will be no more automatic green card grants to lengthy lists of extended family members of current residents.

Most Americans, when asked privately, agree that this is a reasonable set of expectations. In fact, in 2008, the Democratic Party platform included a much more restrictive immigration plan.

Turn on the fan. Enter the hot head.

Jim Acosta, the notorious CNN agitator.

He adjusted his hair with his hand, not realizing that the camera caught it. Our immediate impulse was to quickly pop some corn because that was a press room equivalent of an air raid siren.

Typically, there was no time. There was only one option. Shelter in place.

Jazzy Jim cleared his throat, smirked for the camera and turned to his cheat sheet as he pompously read the poem from the base of the Statue of Liberty. Naturally, his question required a suitable introduction.

He may have high-fived himself before he finally got to the point, which was that these new expectations violate American principles as dictated by a poem.

Miller let him have it with a succession of immigration factoids in addition to a memorized and more complete version of The New Colossus along with its history. The New Colossus would be the name of the poem that Acosta didn’t know.

Although that was enjoyable, it suddenly got much better.

As an attempt to regain the upper hand, Acosta went for the race card and asked if the administration was only planning to accept immigrants from Great Britain and Australia.
We’ve included a video of the interaction.


North Korea and sanctions

In a remarkable accomplishment, the U.S. ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, managed to gain unanimous support in a vote to impose hefty financial sanctions on North Korea.

For the first time, Russia and China voted with the United States to clip Un’s wings. The sanctions will mean about a $1 billion loss to the North Korean economy, which is approximately one third of their GDP.

Un is waving his pudgy little fist in the air, Cartman style ( a la South park), and vowing revenge.

As expected, there are a few liberals squawking about the peril to his people. Look lefties, his people are nearly all living in special spots known as Prison Camp. It’s a relatively safe bet that they won’t notice the cut backs in luxury spending.

North Korea wasn’t the only one receiving sanctions though. Congress added a few of their own for Russia and China with a couple extra for Lil’ Kim mixed in for fun. The interesting part isn’t really the sanctions, it’s how they set them up.

They were intentionally designed to restrict a certain someone’s power.

Any guesses?

That’s right, the duly elected president of the United States of America.

How clever. Too bad it’s in all likelihood, unconstitutional.

If the president wants to alter the sanctions, in any way, while negotiating with other countries, his executive powers entitle him to do so. Congress makes laws, fair enough, but they don’t get to make laws to turn the president into a functional figure head.

This is just one more attempt to wrestle power away from the guy that they never liked.

While on the subject of Russia, tiresome as it has become, Mueller has amped up his investigation with a grand jury.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for all of the wee ones who so desperately wanted to see those tax returns last year.

Sure, it’s all supposed to be a secret but who’s fooling who?

That whole town is a leaky sieve.

Just to guarantee that there will be no disruption to this protracted treasure hunt, a couple of the boys on the hill want to handcuff presidential power on this front too. Senators Thom Tillis (NC)R and Chris Coons (DE) D have proudly announced their heroic plans to protect Mueller from the president.

Feel free to bask in the irony of that one. No SPF required.

They are introducing a bill that would require a judge to approve of any attempt to fire the independent council. There’s a slippery slope.

Healthcare and Tax Reform

Yes, we all know that the senate fell down on the job. Well, we all know that there were three little piggies who wanted to test the wolf. We’ll see how that works out for them soon enough.

Now, however, these two hot button issues are being used to stoke the fires of several 2020 presidential plans.

John Kasich is milking every last drop out of the healthcare cow. He’s been making the rounds.

As a governor with more friends than Barney the dinosaur, he’s just chock full of sunshine and hope that his special brand of beguiling charm can fix the whole healthcare catastrophe.

And by the way, after he pulls that rabbit of the hat, he’d be willing to consider another run for the White House. Just understand that he’ll need a little more appreciation this time. He’s sensitive.
There’s some grandstanding about tax reform from republicans but more of the democrats are inclined to feed from that fruit tree. Schumer even made an old-fashioned picture board last week to highlight what would and would not be acceptable to him if he managed to grace the GOP with his presence for a discussion of the matter.

Jeff Flake has given up any pretense of civility or team spirit. He’s been devoting that abundance of playtime that we all fund with some creative writing. The president is ruining the party. The party has lost it’s way and let’s just scratch our heads for a moment and wonder who senator Flake thinks is the guy to set things right in 2020.

Bad behavior is abounding all throughout political circles. These jokers have even set up a skeleton crew to show up on the hill periodically during vacation season to prevent the president from trying to pull off any recess appointments which would negate their influence.

These saucy little scoundrels are something else.

None of this is about governing. It’s all about power and they think for some reason that because it’s August, no one will notice.

Surprise. We did.

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