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The news that one side or the other would prefer that you not pay any mind.

In the midst of so much chaos and tragedy in Texas, most news agencies have held back on presenting their most vicious partisan attacks until the second half of their programs.

They are loath to be accused of displaying insensitivity, a sentiment which makes us laugh.

Although the majority of Americans have been emotionally affected by the suffering and devastation, they can only tolerate so much coverage of the heartbreaking loss. They tune in at the top of the news hour, check in on their fellow citizens and check out.

The media has been quite contrived in its coverage. They begin with the harrowing details, showing gut wrenching pictures. They segue into the uplifting heroic rescue segment and then they follow that up with the harsh reality that the situation is far from over and that the death toll will only rise.

With that, remote controls across America simultaneously click.

Either the TV goes off or a station with lighter fare is selected.

It’s quite formulaic.

Standard switcheroo time is about 15-20 min into the hour.
Naturally, they vary slightly. Last night for example, Anderson Cooper devoted his entire hour to an on location vanity piece.

He’s just so very rugged.

He spoke in soothing tones, refrained from his stereotypical snark and came perilously close to the befouled waters before his minions whisked him away to more comfortable environs.

MSNBC, on the other hand, abandoned all pretense and headed straight for the money maker… Russia.

It was the usual, smarmy, uber partisan drivel.

The holy defender of the democracy, Robert Mueller is closing in on the racist, illegitimate president who cheated Hillary out of her rightful claim by colluding with Russia.

Does that never grow old?

As a courtesy, they gave a several minute nod to Texas. Of course it included a presidential critique with a gratuitous snipe or two about the First Lady’s footwear.

For those with the fortitude to wade through the raw sewage being flushed into the public square by the press, there were several curious discoveries to be found.


This one will undoubtedly enrage you, so it’s no wonder that they’ve kept it on the down low.

The chemical explosion that sent at least 10 police officers to the hospital on Thursday morning was entirely preventable.
The French owned company’s North American division, based in Cosby, Tx, which is about 20 miles North East of Houston was taking some shortcuts.

Perhaps they thought that liberties were allowed given some strange rules in Houston.

There are no zoning laws.

That means that chemical plants can be plopped smack dab in the middle of residential areas. That in and of itself, is extremely odd.

The laws mandating accountability for chemical facilities were abolished after a chemical plant in the town of West, Tx exploded, killing 15 people and decimating the entire town in 2013.

In 2014, then attorney general for Texas, currently governor of Texas, allowed laws regarding the public’s right to information to fall by the wayside. No longer were chemical plants, located in close proximity to schools, churches and family homes, required to provide any information about what they were storing on site.

In anticipation of the inevitable explosions of their enormous vats of ” organic peroxide” components due to Hurricane Harvey, the fine administrators of Arkema, decided to warn the authorities.
It seems as though those compounds will spontaneously combust if not refrigerated.

Arkema did invest in backup generators to keep the product cool in the event of a power outage. They even had a backup for the backup.

They could chill the containers with diesel fuel, which they did. Unfortunately, once the facility flooded, diesel fuel was no longer an option.

They alerted the authorities and suggested evacuating a 1.5-mile circumference around the facility.

How considerate.

What they didn’t do was inject the failsafe compound into the vats of unstable chemicals. Routine safety protocol includes an on-hand supply of a neutralizing agent that removes the risk of explosion.

The downside is that it also ruins the product, rendering it valueless.

Arkema, either was grossly negligent or criminally risked the safety of the community on the bet that they would get the power back in time to save their stock.

Here’s the worst part. There have been several further explosions with potentially 8 more to go. Thick black plumes of smoke are billowing into the air and the company refuses to provide any information about the nature of the hazard.

It has alternatively been described as an irritant, noxious and toxic. The press has asked for specific information about the names of the chemicals and the safety concerns but the Arkema spokesperson Richard Rennard doesn’t feel that such information is warranted at this time.

“Smoke is noxious. Toxicity is a relative thing”

Well, alrighty then. Sleep tight folks.

The DACA dilemma

We find this one to be especially entertaining.

DACA is the acronym for the Obama, constitutionally questionable, executive order, known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

It essentially grants amnesty to children under the age of 16 who were smuggled into the country illegally. They don’t receive full citizenship but they do benefit from social programs and public education. As long as they either work, go to school or enroll in the military, they cannot be deported. Here’s the best part. All of that is guaranteed, provided that no “serious crimes” have been committed.

Serious crimes, eh?

Would that be a legal or a subjective definition?

Look if that’s the logic that the left wants to site in order to support the case for renewing this bill, which expires on Tuesday, fine. The sins of the father shouldn’t be visited upon the son, okay, no problem.

Except, they don’t get to apply that logic selectively.

If we are to take them at their word, we can reasonably conclude that all talk of reparations, white privilege and remaining resentments about the civil war should be put to bed too, right?

After all, no one alive today had anything to do with the crimes of their ancestors or the civil war.

Don’t even bother to work yourselves up. It was purely rhetorical.

We all know that the subject of ” the dreamers” with it’s symbolic fairytale label, is not meant to be logical. It’s designed to capitalize on the intense emotion of specific groups of voters, for political advantage.

That’s the part that’s actually sick and abusive.

Both sides of the aisle are gearing up to use these kids as political chattel this fall. It looks as if the president is trying to find a way to appease both sides.

Democrats tend to favor open borders and want to use this program as a foot in the door. They also encourage these children to invest themselves in the belief that they are as American as any other person who grew up here.

They know that it’s a lie but they also know that it creates tremendous animosity towards anyone who would deny them their due.

Republicans campaigned on strict border control and a zero-tolerance policy for illegal aliens but they are counting on that Hispanic vote too. Several of them also have an axe to grind with Trump over any number of issues.

Therefore, it should serve as no surprise that folks like Flake, Graham, Ryan and Tillis are siding with the Dems all of a sudden, despite their previous public positions.

What a treacherous swamp.
While we find the presumptuous nature of expected amnesty thoroughly obnoxious, deporting this particular group of kids who contribute seems unreasonable.

Our expectation is that the ” dreamers” who are already a part of the program will be grandfathered in and then congress will have to figure out new immigration laws.

That should go well.

The Third One’s the Charm

This is the Hope Diamond of juicy info.

It looks as if Jimmy’s been a naughty boy.

Somehow documents have finally surfaced from the FBI and it sure isn’t because the company is turning them over voluntarily. In point of fact, both the DOJ and the FBI have made a habit, lately, of denying all requests for documents regarding any Clinton investigations. Apparently, there isn’t enough public interest to justify further prying.


The freedom of information act means that the public can request such documents at anytime and must receive them unless the release of those documents will compromise national security.
Well, in that case maybe the efforts to conceal the Comey Special were reasonable.

The Comey Special

Low around late April/ early May, then FBI director, James Comey, drafted a rather untimely missive.

It was a case summery, exonerating Hillary Clinton for any acts involving her footloose and fancy free email stylings.

The timing is noteworthy because it precedes both the 17 interviews, including the one with the target herself over the Fourth of July weekend and the infamous Bill and Loretta tarmac tete a tete, which by the way, Mr. Comey told congress, under oath, was the incident that compelled him to make his confounding remarks on July 5th.

As the Queen of Hearts likes to say,

“Sentence first- verdict afterwards”,

which is beginning to make perfect sense, since so much of what went on during the Obama administration resembles a tea party with the Mad Hatter.

It gets even better though.

Remember that dirty dossier, presented by former British spy, Christopher Steele? Someone commissioned it.

Given that it was classic campaign opposition research, the lead suspect has always been the Clinton campaign, not that you’d ever hear that from the main stream media. Now there’s a story, that was trustworthy enough to have found its way onto at least two primetime cable news shows, that identifies two sources of funding for that salacious report. One was indeed the Clinton campaign. But, feast on this, the other was the FBI.

Just to be clear, the implication of these two stories is that, it was in fact the Obama administration and the US government that was meddling with the American election.

The full story probably won’t come out for a month or two, along with the true tales of Debbie and the IT guy.

Just you wait, my pretties. The chickens are coming home to roost.

Consider that little treat a Labor Day gift.

You’re welcome.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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