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Let’s not save the best for last. Consider this dinner in the upside down where you start with dessert and by the way, as a casual aside, just when the devil will Barb be back? If that reference eluded you it’s because you haven’t been watching Stranger Things. Bad choice. It’s a joy.

  1. Donna Brazile and her special new book

Purple hair, I don’t care, is the absolutely beguiling attitude of this defiant little minx. We’ve loved her ever since she told Megyn Kelly that she went to church and knew all about persecution. For the record, that was in response to being asked if she had provided Hillary with CNN’s questions prior to a debate.

She did it but that was her answer. You’ve got to love her spunk.

Her new book, entitled Hacks, is the inside skinny on how the Hill stole the election from Bernie by essentially turning the DNC into her girl dog. It’s juicier than a freshly picked Florida orange and the Dems are seriously put out. Not all of them mind you,  but most. Little Lizzy Warren was happy to jump ship for the Call her Crooked Hillary cruise.

That Pocahontas hasn’t got a lick of loyalty. It may be that the only truth she’s ever told is that she’s a nasty woman.

Here’s the most delicious morsel.

Rumor has it that Barack Obama put dear old Donna up to this scandalous scribing. He’s ticked about his legacy being dismantled and blames Hillary for loosing. No more Thanksgiving invites for the Clinton clan.

  1. Bad bad Bowe

Yes, Maize, Bergdahl was the recipient of a get out of jail free card. He’ll be bumped down to private and be deprived of $1,000 each month for ten months.  That must be very comforting to the 6 families who lost a loved one to searching for this deserter.

  1. Here’s a shocker

The vile piece of waste that plowed people down in New York last week, didn’t come alone. Yes, he won what is delightfully referred to as the golden ticket in the diversity lottery, but here’s the rub, 23 of his closest friends and relatives came along for the ride. Welcome Uzbekistan. Please enjoy our amenities. Education, healthcare and food stamps will be provided to you, free of charge.

  1. Devin Nunes says that the Dems are lying about republicans initiating the dastardly dossier.

All of the documentation about it was released to congress last week. Those lovely lefties who’ve been dismissing any and all controversy about having procured the dirty doc, were on site like the early bird searching for a worm. The second that information became available Schifty and Naughty Nancy P. were all over it. Chalk that up to damage control.

  1. Carter Page

Why, oh why must we endure the sight of this useless blabbering mongrel for one more second? Like a herpetic lesion, we can all welcome back Carter. Complete with that psychotic smile, Page has taken to the air waves again. This time he’s doing the told ya so dance. Since unlike Paul Manafort, he hasn’t been arrested, Caustic Carter has been performing his own version of Free bird on any network that will have him. FYI, we did not enjoy the original. This is worse.

  1. The Elections

Here’s something to look forward to. New Jersey and Virginia are holding gubernatorial elections today. Both races are tight and they’ve both been ruthlessly vicious.

If Dems win, they’ll be dancing in the streets. Although, they should be expected to take both races effortlessly. Not this time, my pretties.

Both states are generally blue but by tonight, they may go red. Get yourself some munchies and stay tuned this evening. It’s going to be quite a show.

  1. Finally and tragically, a gunman shot up a Texas church on Sunday.

26 people were killed. It is our profound hope that God zipped them up to heaven instantaneously. May they Rest In Peace. As for the monster who perpetrated this unholy crime, the devil awaits your presence, my friend. He’s prepared a host of fun filled games for you. Enjoy!

We’ve all been enduring some tumultuous times as of late. We can choose to either crumble or prevail. Americans persist and endure. We are stronger for it. God bless America.

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