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That’s No Swamp, My Dear. It’s Just Raw Sewage – Part 2

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In the wake of the resignation of General Mike Flynn, Trump’s opponents have been emboldened. Members of the media, in addition to both past and current members of intelligence agencies, now feel free to join the ranks of democratic law makers in openly attacking any and all representatives of the administration.

Many will do so at their own peril, since they no longer recognize the legal restrictions regarding the unauthorized release of classified information.

Ben Rhodes, the suspected source of the information about General Flynn’s calls with the Russian ambassador, may very well find himself on the receiving end of some serious criminal charges.

People on the left have decided to play a dangerous game with the president of the United States. It remains unclear as to why, exactly, they think that they can continue to wage war on the leader of the free world without consequence.

As of now, all reports about these supposed Flynn discussions are based primarily on speculation. Absolutely no concrete evidence of anything said during those phone calls has been released. The 9 “whistle blowers” from intelligence agencies, remain conveniently, anonymous.

Are there actually 9 people willing to face felony espionage/ treason charges based on their dislike of Trump?

For the record, espionage is exactly what these characters will be charged with and the penalties are mighty steep, including but not limited to life in prison. Members of the military who leak classified information, risk the death penalty.

Given that piece of information, it seems a lot more likely that members of the media are playing fast and loose with their reporting.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that prominent intelligence agency officials have decided to withhold information concerning national security from the president. The democratic senator from Connecticut, Chris Murphy, attempted to justify the intelligence community’s “push back” against the president. There is no justification for this level of insubordination.

Following the lead set by elected officials, the media has lost all restraint and accordingly, any real credibility.

The Crazed Comments

Dan Rather- “Watergate is the biggest political scandal of my lifetime, until maybe now”

New York Times- “We were attacked on Dec. 7, 1941, we were attacked on Sept. 11, 2001 and we were attacked on Nov. 8, 2016”

Chuck Todd- This is “arguably the biggest presidential scandal involving a foreign government since Iran Contra. Take a breath. Hyperbole aside folks, hunker down because this is a class 5 political hurricane”

Chris Hayes, once again portrayed Trump as an anti-Semite on Wednesday night.

Zac Petkanas, a DNC senior adviser, refers to himself as the director of the Trump war room and calls the Flynn situation, “bigger than Watergate”

Former Clinton campaign manager, Robbie Mook, also compared the Flynn resignation to Watergate.

Bernie Sanders has called the president “delusional” and a “pathological liar”

Self-proclaimed feminists have relentlessly attacked Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s wife and daughters and perhaps most disgracefully, his 10 yr old son.

Joe Digeno, the former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia calls this behavior from the left, an attempted coup d’état.

The democrats’ latest move is today’s attempt to invoke the 25 th amendment to the constitution, which allows the president to be removed from office if he is too impaired to serve. They are trying to make the case that he is mentally unstable. The goal continues to be Trump’s removal from office.

All of these stunts are serving primarily to weaken the nation’s standing on the global stage. The country looks so deeply fractured that factions from Mexico, for example, are now under the impression that they can threaten the president.

Jorge Castaneda, among others from the former Vicente Fox administration, intends to backlog American courts in response to new immigration policies. If that plan fails to elicit Trump’s cooperation in ending deportation for criminal immigrants who remain undocumented, there have been threats to encourage terrorists and drug traders to enter the U.S. through Mexico. Castaneda says that they want to,” sabotage the American justice system so that it can’t be used”. He made this announcement as a guest resident of the United States.

This is a new level of bold. One might be left to wonder if there might be something more to the story than just massive contempt for the president. Apparently, there is. These constant waves of attacks on the administration, frequently being referred to as organic, are anything but organic. The word choice of the anti-Trump contingent, is nearly always the same, regardless of the speaker. The talking points are clearly coordinated. The protests are coordinated, as well. One of the primary organizing groups is called OFA. You may know it as, Organization for America. Why might you have heard of that group? you wonder. Here’s where it gets good.

Guess whose group that is.

Barack Obama. 


The former president doesn’t seem to be sitting idly by after all. OFA is just jam packed with workers from the Obama administration. Yet, it gets even better. The Organization For America has at least 32,000 trained political agitators and they specialize in the Saul Alinsky techniques as outlined in his book, Rules For Radicals. It’s a fun little 10 step primer on creating artificial conflict in order to effect the change you’d like to see.

The chances are awfully good that this level of commitment from the left is unsustainable in the long run. They are capitalizing on election anger and while it remains intense for now, most people will eventually grow tired of devoting all of their energy to this cause.

The numbers of millennials will inevitably dwindle first. They’ll need to find jobs and they’ll want to move on with their lives. Protesting is only novel for a while and young adults are notoriously fickle.

If Trump can ride this nonsense out and fulfill the promises he made to his supporters, much of the swamp will drain itself. The left is offering absolutely nothing of substance at the moment. Fomenting rage is not a platform for a successful future and if they aren’t careful, the tides may turn and they’ll all find themselves on the receiving end of a whole lot of hostility and resentment.

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  • If the intelligence community had come forth with reports saying Hillary Clinton had won the White House with the aid of Russia, what would your reaction be? You people railed about Benghazi through eight fruitless investigations. Candidate Trump talked incessantly about Hillary’s untrustworthiness with classified information, then conducts crisis work over North Korea in front of the public in one of his restaurants, with cell phones (hackable cell phones, that can be used to take pictures and videos without the user’s knowledge) used to light top-secret reports. The majority of Americans would like some consistency, with no double standards. Lacking these, the right wing today is the epitome of hypocrisy.