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That’s No Swamp, My Dear. It’s A Septic Tank.

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How can you drain a swamp clogged with sewage?

As promised, something dramatic happened. Actually, plenty of dramatic things happened. We gave you a brief overview of the weekend’s events, knowing full well that it was merely the prologue to the story of the stink on D.C.

Here’s the update.

Leak or Liar… The D.C. Divider

The strange story of Mike Flynn

By all accounts, General Michael Flynn was a great American hero. His military record is exemplary. After leaving the armed forces, Flynn established a consulting firm and took on some controversial clients. He developed relationships in both Turkey and Russia, to the consternation of the establishment and therefore the media. Obviously, those two go hand in hand.

He jumped onto the Trump train early, liking the message. He quickly became a loyal supporter and popular advocate.

Rumors about Trump’s ties to Russia clouded the campaign for months.

It was a halfhearted attack though, because the democrats were so absolutely certain that Hillary would win. In fact, they dramatically dropped their jaws in mock horror at any suggestion of election interference.

Once Hillary lost however, they felt sure that it was Putin’s doing.

Investigations began, wire taps were initiated and finally, sanctions were imposed.

It seems as though, Gen. Flynn was recorded while conversing with a Russian dignitary, at about that time.

As of this moment, the content of those recorded communications remains classified. Not that there has been any lack of press reports claiming knowledge of exactly what was said.

The charge is that Flynn was negotiating the lifting of sanctions once Trump took office, as a thank you for help in securing his election victory.

That’s an awful lot of speculation about a top secret investigation.

Here’s where things get murky. 

According to reports, intelligence agencies wanted to brief the, then president elect, on the Flynn phone calls but FBI director, James Comey put a halt to that plan. Supposedly, he felt that informing the incoming administration of a potentially dangerous security issue might taint his investigation into the matter.

Interesting prioritizing.

Once Trump announced his nomination of Flynn as national security adviser, it seems that Comey relented to the noble and patriotic arguments of one, Sally Yates and filled the president in on the investigation.

You might remember Ms. Yates less honorably as the Obama appointed fill in, for attorney general who refused to defend executive action, out of principle.

Just for the record, the job of a lawyer is to represent the client. The president, in this case, was her client. While you may have heard some jibber jabber from Trump opponents about an independent A.G., let’s not fool ourselves. If the attorney general refuses to advocate on behalf of the administration, they either quit or they get fired. No surprise. No mystery. No shock and awe. That’s what we call business as usual.

Undoubtedly, emboldened by the vociferous outrage from the left, in response to having been let go, it seems as if Miss Sally trotted her little fanny right over to the New York Times and spilled the whole story.

Now, that is just wildly inappropriate.

But it gets better. 

Sweet Sally should not have known whose voice had been recorded speaking with the Russian dignitary. Those tapes were recorded in December, while Obama was ruling the roost. It seems as if the former A.G. fill in, was less familiar with the law than one might have expected.

United States law requires agencies tapping foreign nationals to hide the identity of American citizens on American soil recorded in any surveillance tapes resulting from the investigation of a foreign national. Somebody committed a big fat felony in their haste to burn the new administration.

Too bad, sweet Sally couldn’t take the fall. She may have destroyed her legal aspirations by behaving like a woman scorned, (democrats may find her having run to the press, admirable in the short run, but there isn’t a client alive who wants to hire a rat), but she didn’t have access to the name of the American on the phone.

Very few people did and one of them is in big trouble. The other thing that’s too bad is that once the investigation into the leak takes place, their loyalty to Obama, who obviously sanctioned this mess, will mean nothing. Plain old citizen Obama doesn’t have the power to pardon anybody anymore.

Did Flynn violate the law in his conversations with any Russian politicians?

Who knows? It’s all supposition right now.

Until the transcripts of his calls are made public, any reports regarding the subject matter of those discussions are nothing more than speculation.

For the record, it’s that sort of conjecture that is most frequently referred to as fake news.

As it stands now, the administration is saying that Flynn resigned because he lost the trust of the both the President and Vice President. Oddly, the only person in all of D.C. who appears to be truly stunned by this episode is Vice President Pence.

Democrats are delighted. Each and every one of them that’s taken to ranting about the indecency of the situation on the various news outlets, looks as if they are struggling to contain their toothy grins.

The one notable exception is Elijah Cummings who delivered a political soliloquy worthy of a Shakespearean play.

Republicans are emphasizing the constant flow of leaks designed to destroy the administration. Naturally, they attribute those leaks to the remaining Obama employees whose services continue thanks to the democratic hold up of cabinet confirmations.

As members of both parties shake their fists at the heavens above to demonstrate their outrage, the Russians are behaving strangely.

Suddenly, they have placed a spy ship only 70 miles off the Delaware coastline. They’ve also deployed two battalions of ground launch

cruise missiles in two different Russian territories, in violation of a U.S./ Russian treaty, leaving the U.S. to contemplate whether or not to deploy their own missile defense systems throughout Europe. Finally, Russian fighter planes have been harassing American pilots with perilously close flybys.

If Russia had been working in collusion with president Trump, one of those behaviors might have provided reasonable cover in the midst of the Flynn controversy. All three would seem to be overkill.

A more plausible conclusion would be that Russia is simply taking advantage of all of our internal strife. Putin may well have played a role in the current turmoil but it sure looks as if his goal was to create chaos as opposed to an evil alliance.

It would be out of character for Trump to allow Putin to behave so disrespectfully towards him, publicly. This looks a lot more like a typical soviet distraction.

Which brings us to North Korea.

In another odd turn of events, Kim Jong Nam has been murdered. Kim Jong Nam was the half-brother of North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un, (yep, that ludicrous title, supreme leader, still sticks in our craw).

Un and Nam have been at odds for years. Nam was the older brother and presumably, the rightful heir to the throne. Unfortunately for Nam, Un had more spunk. Un managed to seize the crown and exiled Nam, to return, only, upon pain of death. Nam sought protection from China, which was granted. If Un tried to bump Nam off, he’d have to deal with China.

North Korea relies far too heavily on China’s good graces for Un to start trouble. So when Nam was poisoned in a Malaysian airport on Tuesday, things didn’t quite smell right. Ok, maybe the uber paranoid supreme leader suspected an impending coup and since his brother was outside of the protective lands of China, maybe he thought that it was a good time to knock off the competition, with impunity.

But here’s the rub. Kim Jong Un isn’t exactly known for his spy craft. Nam was reportedly taken out by a couple of pokes with poison tipped needles.

Hmmm. A quick poke with a poison needle by an innocuous passerby.

Who, oh who, comes to mind when you think of a stick and move styled mysterious poisoning?

Oh, that’s right, the KGB.

And who might be inclined to roll with the golden oldies of KGB execution?

You got it! Putin!

Why would Putin kill Kim Jong Un’s pesky older half-brother? As a favor to the, (choke) Supreme Leader?

Maybe, but then why would he frame him? Un and Putin are pals, although they aren’t bosom buddies. It is hard to believe that Putin would leave a calling card like that.

The two countries most recently angered by North Korea are Japan and the United States. It could be that one of them killed Nam and used an obvious Russian tactic and then blamed Un. It’s equally plausible that Russia did it as a favor for Trump, since he caused all this Flynn drama. At this point, no one knows.

Not a one of them is coming clean about anything. The Dems are circulating rumors that Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Abe were irreverently plotting out ways to deal with North Korea while dining in public at Mara Lago this weekend but unless they rigged up an illegal parabolic mic, how would they know? No one who was there is claiming to have overheard a thing.

All anyone knows for sure at this moment is that D.C. is ripe with rumors and that very few hands are clean. The one guy who looks absolutely innocent of any possible wrong doing at this point is Mike Pence.

Only time will tell.

That was only part one. Wait until you hear about Mexico, immigration and these supposedly, ” organic” protests. It only gets juicier. Part 2 coming later today.

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