Wednesday in Wicked Washington 

Donald J Trump

When did the Dems decide that Americans became a clump of chumps? The stunts that they’ve been pulling wouldn’t pass muster with a savvy school child. 

Former President Obama’s lip flapping lecture lust wasn’t put on hold for even one full year.

He has been presenting his pompous posterior and pontificating about the perils of the present presidency on the global stage for months. 

In Paris on Saturday he actually referred to our country’s “temporary” lack of leadership.

Is he under the impression that Americans find that behavior becoming of our last leader? Does he not consider the fact that he embarrasses the entire nation with that type of talk?

He initially said, as if it were some magnanimous grand gesture, that he would fade into the woodwork for at least a year so as to give Trump a chance develop his own presidency.

Well, surprise.  No fade, just shade.

Does anyone really believe that Obama feels obligated to save the world from Trump?

Please! He’s ticked off about having his glorious legacy dismantled bit by precious bit.


Judicial watch finally got a hold of the mysterious paperwork about the Lynch/ Clinton tarmac talks.

Here’s a surprise. The department of justice and the FBI were almost exclusively focused on finding out who leaked the story. They weren’t concerned about the improprieties. They wanted to catch the rat.


Gun control advocates have been using gory pictures of a woman’s dead body after the Las Vegas shooting as a fund-raising tool.

Thoughtful. That must bring her family such joy during the holiday season.

Mueller’s #2 on the Russian investigation, whose name is Andrew Weissmann, has a rather checkered past.

Among issues like withholding material evidence from the defense and sticking gaggles of people in jail, only to have a higher court overturn the convictions, it seems as though he too has an email issue.

Remember acting attorney general, Sally Yates? She’s that sassy little minx who refused to perform her role in defending the White House travel ban. She was subsequently fired.

Weissmann couldn’t contain himself until he next saw Sally in person. He sent her an email to let her know how very proud and awe struck he was by her grandstanding. Then he thanked her.

Hmm. Apparently crooked. Effusive about defying the Trump White House. Yeah, he was a good choice for second chair in the Russian rouse.

Congress has had Donald Trump Jr. tied up for hours on end today over a 17-minute meeting.

This time it was a closed-door session. They would like him to offer a repeat performance for the public sometime soon.

Can anyone say harassment?

The president has announced that the American embassy in Israel will be relocated to Jerusalem.

Suddenly, democrats like Fancy Nancy and friends, are horrified. 

It’s reckless. Terrorism will rain down upon us all. He’s a madman. Okay, that one came from Turkey which is now our close ally.

When did that happen, pray tell? Erdogan has been up to no good for at least a year.

Here’s the rub. The senate voted to move the embassy to Jerusalem with a 90-majority vote, only a few years ago. Nancy voted yes.

Every president since the 70s has committed to moving the embassy to Jerusalem and then reneged.

Donald Trump simply kept a long-standing promise.

Isn’t the hysteria a wee bit disingenuous?

Hamas and the Palestinians are threatening days of rage. There’s something new.

This is a special treat. Think of it as Bill De Blasio’s version of Don’t ask Don’t tell. At 9:30 this morning, 3 major fires broke out simultaneously in Manhattan.

One at Penn Station.

One in the building above Grand Central

One on the GW bridge.

Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. They might get suspicious and worry about potential terrorism.

The highlight of the day. Those disloyal Dems have decided to dump dear old Al.

They were coming out in droves to denounce him this afternoon. It was like a California mud slide. It was quick and nasty and you can bet he’s doomed.

Here’s the question. Why today?

They were pretty darned complacent about his perverted proclivities a week ago.

Well, the Alabama race has tightened up. Trump has now endorsed Moore. Republicans have been falling in line. Just like the Dems, they need that seat.

If the democrats wanted to have a snowball’s chance in the down under, they needed to jettison their dirty laundry.

Franken’s seat will be filled by a democrat. The governor is a dem.

If they can use the next week to convince voters that they are the party that values women, they might just be able to flip that red Alabama seat to blue and wouldn’t that be the Hoopty Doo Review?

Poor Al Franken, at any other time they would have circled the wagons and told us all to forget the past and look towards the future.

Sorry pal, you’ve been thrown under that famous D.C. Dem bus.

The question on this one is, how will Alabama respond?

What a Wednesday!

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