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Weekend Party Wars


So much for the Christmas spirit. D.C. has lost any semblance of civility. Ordinarily, they have the curtesy to lay low over the weekend. We all need a break from their constant hostility. 

Apparently, that old adage about there being no rest for the wicked has begun to ring true.

On Friday, ABC’s crack reporter Brian Ross, misrepresented a story.

Michael Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI. The issue was that he had spoken with Russian representatives during the transition period.

Not a crime.

Mr. Ross thought that the story might sparkle a bit brighter if he changed the word transition to campaign.

He’s a trickster.

The media wide glee was migraine inducing. Only on Saturday was he forced to issue a correction and apologize. He’s been suspended for 4 weeks.

The stock market dropped nearly 400 points after his little oopsy.

It has since recovered.

They all felt quite certain that impeachment time had arrived. Imagine the subsequent disappointment.

They probably shouldn’t have been too surprised. Bad boy Brian has made a habit of this sort of behavior.

After September 11th, he blamed Saddam Hussein for the anthrax envelopes in D.C.

Nope. It wasn’t Saddam.

After the shooting massacre in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, he blamed the tea party.

They didn’t do it either.

If you look into his history, you’ll find more slip ups.

If the media is so grievously offended about accusations of fake news, why does this rogue Ross still have a job at all?

Maybe fake news is fine if you get away with it.

The senate passed the tax reform bill just after 2 in the morning on Saturday.

They are as pleased as punch. They’ll still need to agree to a final bill with the members of the house but they all know they need this one.

Democrats are beside themselves. They were bellyaching all weekend and haven’t let it go yet.

Who could have imagined that?

They’ve even been threatening to shut down the government this Friday if they don’t receive some major mollifying gift to soothe their battered spirits.

Brake for bucket time.

The reaction to the acquittal of Kate Steinle’s murderer has been strong and swift.

Democrats have been suggesting that justice has been served. If the jury rendered its verdict, so be it.

Only, the jury wasn’t apprised of his impressive criminal history, his immigration status or the fact that he had already been deported 5 times.

Do we really think that they believe that he happened upon a t- shirt in the street, picked it up because it was so sporty, then found a gun hidden within the cotton? By the way, we can’t be sure if he was so startled by the discovery that he dropped the sig sauer causing it to spontaneously fire 3 times, (That would be a rather curious twist. Sig sauers are famous for not firing without direct and intentional forceful pressure on the trigger.) or if he was only planning to shoot seals.

That wouldn’t be legal either.
Republicans are fuming. They claim that this verdict was entirely political. They have expressed tremendous outrage on behalf of the Steinle family.

Would you like to know what they did not do? They did not take their anger and disapproval to the streets for a weekend of mayhem.

They have crafted a new bill which will subject state and local officials who refuse to cooperate with ICE to a one-million-dollar fine and up to 5 years in prison.

You can bet your sanctuary city that the liberals are livid about that one.

Another day, another tweet.

When the president tweeted, “I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI”, the left’s thirst for blood became insatiable.

They have made an erroneous leap in logic to conclude that the tweet proves obstruction of justice. They’ve been rubbing their mitts raw in anticipation of impeachment hearings again.

The president’s lawyer stupidly said that he dictated the tweet.

That only served to escalate the hostility.

If Trump knew that Flynn lied to the FBI and then asked Comey to back off, is that obstruction of justice? Both sides are arguing their cases in the media.

Very dignified.

The president has the right to fire the director of the FBI at any time for any reason. This is unlikely to be a nail in his coffin.

As usual, we’ve saved the best for last.

You may want to go and pour yourself a drink because this one is a doozy. 

In August, Mr. Mueller felt the need to remove one of his lead FBI investigators from the current case. The fellow has since been relegated to Human Resources.

Peter Strzok was a high ranking special agent in the bureau. He was heavily involved in the email investigation. He helped Comey craft the letter months ahead of time that exonerated Hillary. He even pressed Comey into changing the language from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”. The former gets you indicted. The latter gives you a pass.

Strzok was the guy who interviewed Hillary on that infamous 4th of July weekend. He was also the guy who interviewed Flynn.

Oh yes, he had involvement with that dirty dossier too.


Here’s where it gets good.

Larry law enforcement was having an affair with one of the lovey ladies of the FBI. He also made a habit of sending her loving emails throughout the day.

Unfortunately for him, the emails detailing his hatred for Trump have been discovered. That’s why Mueller gave him the boot.

Democrats are insistent that it disparages all FBI agents to suggest that they bring their personal feelings to bare on a case.

Republicans are saying that the whole thing stinks. The number of potentially compromised investigators grows by the day.

Additionally, the department of justice and the FBI have not been very forthcoming with info or interviews requested by congressional oversight committees.

If they don’t produce the subpoenaed paperwork by tonight, Congress has promised to file a contempt complaint. Miraculously, after months on end of utter silence, the FBI has just reported to Devin Nunes that Mr. Strzok will be available for an interview next week. Andrew McCabe of the ‘my wife just got a $700,000 political donation from the Clintons’ best friend’ is still too busy.

This is about to get very messy, very rapidly.

The more nervous both sides become, the better it will be.


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