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hillary clinton "what happened"

Hillary Clinton’s latest tome hit the shelves on Tuesday.

To the disbelief of countless political observers on both sides of the aisle, it’s titled “What Happened”

It’s not phrased as a question. Instead, the over 450 page, seemingly unedited rant, is intended to provide a coherent explanation for the 2016 presidential defeat.

Ordinarily, the loosing candidate would retreat gracefully into the shadows in order to lick their wounds and regroup.

Hillary Clinton was no ordinary candidate, however.

She remains defiant and embittered and makes no effort to disguise it.

There has been some suggestion that her supporters will find this self-indulgent expulsion to be satisfying.

Frankly, we are confounded.

One would think that her most avid feminist supporters would be thoroughly vexed by this protracted display of stereotypical girlish whining.

A male candidate who had lost would be mocked relentlessly if he carried on in such a manner.

Mrs. Clinton exploited every aspect of her gender in the absence of any real political platform. Somehow that reality has escaped the analysis of what happened.

Just in case that offensively superficial ploy isn’t explanation enough as to what happened, we’ll help her out with a comprehensive list.

She had no compelling message.

She was shrill and personally unappealing.

She campaigned lazily and exclusively to elite democrats and obvious minority factions that democrats regard as a sure thing.

She was snide and dismissive.

She discounted anyone who might vote for Trump as inherently bad people.

Her resume was at best unimpressive and at worst criminal.

She exhibited a disturbing lack of judgement in the handling of classified material.

She displayed an appalling lack of sensitivity towards the families of those who died in Benghazi.

The primary element of her campaign was that it was her turn.

When it became evident that Bernie Sanders was intentionally cheated by the DNC, she didn’t even pretend to be bothered.

Worst of all, she didn’t try.

Essentially, Hillary Clinton ran as a modern-day Marie Antoinette.

Sure, democrats will think that’s unfair. Republicans will object to the fact that we neglected to mention her many controversies.

The amount of drama associated with the Clinton campaign was no less significant than that of the Trump campaign. For some reason the democrats never felt the need to address that undeniable truth.

They arrogantly believed that they would never be held accountable. They didn’t apologize. They didn’t explain and they didn’t blink because they were so sure they’d win.

The Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton had no respect for average Americans.

That is what happened.

Now can we please stop acting as if this is some complicated conundrum?

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