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White Lies and Fake News

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Are you still upset about the election? If you are, it’s no wonder. The entertainment industry which, for the record includes the wide variety of programming disguised as news, has been working tirelessly to increase your cortisone levels. 

The mocking refrains of ” Suck it up, Buttercup” are insensitive because they reflect an inability to perceive the impact of the unrelenting fear mongering being imposed upon the public by a malicious media.

The media isn’t comprised of a random selection of American citizens. Like their matching bookends in the political arena, the industry attracts a disproportionate number of narcissistic creatures with an insatiable appetite for power, influence and money. Even minor achievements in either field, frequently lead to the misperception that these people are somehow superior to the rest of us.

Some of them are talented, bright and well intentioned. Those are the rarities.

Suddenly, nearly everyone on Fox News has written a new book. They interview each other and fawn over the latest brilliant offering to hit the literary world. The interviews are transparent promotional pieces with zero news value and they consume an average 5- 7 minutes of each hour. Honestly, Dana Perino is as cute as a button but that channel has really maxed out on Jasper capital. Most of the others are worse.

The station has its issues but the news programming tends to avoid the more egregious spin. The editorial shows are forthcoming about being opinion pieces. You know what you’re getting. It may be irritating but it isn’t dangerous.

More left leaning venues aren’t quite as direct. In fact, the frequent use of words like, us and we are meant to establish a false sense of familiarity and personal commitment to the viewers, creating a level of trust in the reporting.

We have spoken with a number of Hillary supporters who have been adversely affected by the election results. The fear and rage expressed was more intense than expected. Many of them felt deceived and that served to infuriate them.

They had been convinced that Hillary had won, months prior to the election.  They blame the media for that. Some have decided to stop watching the news for a while. Others though, willingly got sucked right back in.

It’s not because they’re stupid. It’s because the media spends an enormous amount of money on researching exactly how to generate ratings and emotional manipulation sells.

Racism is a topic that brings in some big bucks. CNN and MSNBC have been promoting the resurgence of the KKK and white nationalism as if you might wake up to find a cross burning on your lawn tomorrow morning. And by the way, if you look closely you might just catch a glimpse of the reincarnation of Hitler himself, sparking it up.

Rachel Maddow spent the first 16 minutes of her Monday night broadcast devoted to inciting such fears. The rest of the show focused on the fact that Trump is being a bad sport about the standard ribbing that he’s been subjected to by the press.

When the KKK was in it’s heyday in the 1920’s, the group terrorized the south. The collection of sociopaths didn’t behave so differently than Isis does today. The group has been marginalized into near oblivion in recent years. By 1990, their estimated club roster boasted a total of about 10,000 members, nationwide, divided into tiny clusters. They were virtually eradicated during the past several decades. Every so often, David Duke rears his ugly head to make some meaningless noise. He is usually discounted.

Trump has disavowed him and made it abundantly clear that he has no affiliation with his group. The democrats needed the black vote though and Trump was gaining in popularity.

The entertainment industry latched onto the David Duke story instantly. Not only did they not believe that there was any legitimate connection, they knew that they were creating a racial divide that would take years to heal.

At a certain point, they threw any commitment to integrity or social consciousness aside and went all in on the white supremacy routine.

Thanks to that brilliant decision, the KKK and other white power groups have been given a national platform. Most news stations played extended versions of one of their meetings all throughout Monday night.

Here’s a question. Since when does a group of psychopaths have so much clout?  Do the news people promoting their irrelevant and repudiated Trump cheers, not realize that these people know that every time they say “Hail Trump”, the media will swoop in and give them free publicity?  They aren’t expecting any special relationship with Trump.

Facebook should start concentrating on that kind of fake news as much as they do on any criticism of Obama or Hillary. Perception becomes reality far too often. Now we’ve got a nation filled with people who honestly believe that the Klan is back in full force with president elect Trump as their leader.

The more publicity these terrorists get, the more their numbers grow. Crazy is attracted to crazy. Homegrown terrorism is a fine example of that. The fact that western kids run off to join Isis is an even better one.

So thanks very much CNN, MSNBC, SNL and friends. You’ve provided a voice to a group of violent lunatics in order to smear a political opponent and scare people into voting the way that served you best. Now we all can live with the consequences.

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  • There has been a significant increase in hate crimes across the nation, often with Trump’s name being invoked. That’s real.